Tips for Spinning

The spinning is a sport that generates plenty of benefits, involving large number of muscles is a very complete activity because we work the aerobic system at the same time in certain exercises also We tonificamos arms and legs.

As in all physical activities, doing spinning have to take into account a number of recommendations to prevent injury and make the most healthy activity. Let’s look at a few:

  • Calibrating the bike before anything: a good position of the saddle and the handlebar is Basic for muscle actions occur in a proper range and we do not overload more areas than others or we forcemos certain joints.
  • Avoid hiperflexionar the knee: the meniscus and ligaments suffer much when we forced to do knee flexion, and more when there is intensity from through. Try the movements of the knee on the bike does not exceed 90 degrees of flexion, above all when you downloaded.
  • It uses light and breathable clothing: spinning burns a lot of calories and make us sweat to stop, especially if the gym room does not give enough to air. A suitable clothing and you breathe is essential to not to become dehydrated, suffer cramps and be comfortable at all times.
  • Towel and water bottle are your best friends spinnning class: is essential to not dehydrate us drink every 10 minutes. Drink in small SIPs (4-5), slowly but surely. It is normal to drink a liter of water during a one-hour class. The towel is also an important element to remove us sweat off, avoid the eyes are irritated or slip us to catch the handlebar.
  • Don’t forget carbohydrates: about two or three hours before the class is advisable to having eaten a good serving of carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta…) to be able to hold the class. If you have not been able to eat them or long ago you ate before class seeks to put a banana in your body, it will give you energy for much of the class.
  • Get stretching before and after class: This is the task of the monitor, but sometimes in the rush people spend of stretches, which are fundamental to a better recovery.
  • If it is your first class tomátelo calmly: It often happens that day give it everything. This is not good at all, ideally go slowly so the body gets used to the intensity of the activity. If they are your first days let it know to the monitor and get less intense efforts (less pedaling frequency, fewer repeats in exercises, less resistance and more sleep).
  • Don’t be hard on the bike: rigidity will cause back and neck problems. Arms should rest on the handlebars and having semiflexionados elbows, neck look forward without forcing and back must not be arched or gibada.

If in addition to these, you have your small tricks for spinning classes let us know that it is always interesting to share this type of information.