Tips for First Time Fisher


Light clothes (t-shirts, 7 4 Bermuda)
Sunshield f. 30 or greater. (2)
Small flashlight with spare batteries
Camera with their batteries, memory cards & charger
Polarized Sunglasses
Hat or CAP (legionnaire)
Tennis tank top
2 cloth napkins (type flour sack towels)


Fishing license Shipped (postage required)
Cigarettes (smoker)
SOAP, deodorant, toothpaste and brush
Flip-flops (Havaianas)
Drugs (advil, visine, band-AIDS, antihistamine and other of your use)


Use sweater with shorts underneath. Let’s get out of SP with low temperature and arrive in Manaus. (Idem) In Manaus normally only wear light clothes.

In hand luggage we take your glasses, reels, camera, it is prohibited to carry this baggage knives, pliers, fishing baits or other hard-hitting material.

Normally we take 1 canvas bag for your clothes, 1 for the fishing junk and 1 for hand luggage. Avoid plastic boxes of traditional fishing as they can break or open during the trip.

We put the artificial lures in boxes own along with the junk.
We advise that before the purchase of fishing equipment, check with companions who have already participated in our groups.


Camera: always check before departure to the river if your camera is with the batteries charged and has space to store more images. A good tip is to keep them out of the cabins or the air conditioning the leave at a temperature far below what environment will cause condensation on the lens compromising your photos.

Artificial lures: teamwork-fishing in doubles ideally always use baits work and different colors to determine which lure is best suited for the fish/day/time of year. Another tip: when you find a school-no fuss! Note the movement and study your next pitch.

Artificial pitch: always guide positions the parallel structures operated flight. So that all your shots are made perpendicular to the boat (90°) for security reasons. Still, to avoid accidents, every pitch, always check if there is no one behind you. The Guide and your fishing partner appreciate.

If you need to use batteries or Chargers, cell phone in the cabins there are 110V outlets.

In the area of fishing does not work the phone. Have any signs of Alive next to cities

In the area of fishing is usually no mosquitoes (acidic water), however you can add insect repellent (Off, Autan, Exposis) to your junk.

Before consuming extras in the hotel, ask about their prices.

All excess spending or consumption preferences are personal responsibility, because the idea is prorated between all common expenses.

Handling of fish: Use pliers to immobilize the fish fish and a pliers to remove the garatéias. Is the guide who performs this job and passes the FA and fish without bait for the fisherman to photograph and release. Don’t keep the fish out of water for more than 35 to 40 seconds or commit to your survival. Catch and release is the rule on the boats.

Timetables of the fishing periods: Typically if fishing from morning till 10 or 11 a. m – depending on the Sun, and in the afternoon until 5 pm. These times vary with the distance to the fishing spots. Any change in these schedules must be prearranged and authorized by the Commander of the boat for safety reasons.

Expert guides in the region: Always hire guides who lived his whole life in the regions explored. So they know the fishing spots better than any tourist who has been there for several times. Rely on experience and on the tips of the guides and check out the productivity at the end of the package.

The guides don’t fish: who paid for the trip and the package was you. It was only fair that you catch your trophies while the guide will make every effort to conduct the flight and give you all the tips you can for you to perform the fishing of their dreams.

Alcoholic beverages: With almost 40 C heat of the region is hard to resist a cold beer. But in excess, it can slow your reflexes and your perception, decreasing the chance of you capture your trophy and increasing the tension on board with respect to the safety of passengers. The guides supply the flying boats before leaving with beers. But look in the fridge-you’ll also find water, sodas, tonics and, amazingly, even juices and fruits.

It is recommended, before heading out to the fishing or prolonged exposure to the Sun, grease with protective or sunscreen.

In the event of accidents, search quickly the mother ship, or other more experienced fisherman around.

All problems that arise should be passed on eventually to the leader of the group in order to be solved.

Search lead all subjects with good humor and bearing in mind the team spirit.


Vaccinate against yellow fever at least 30 days before the trip, required if you have not been vaccinated in the last 9 years. Against tetanus and hepatitis are optional.

It is obligatory the presentation of the fishing licence on board in the port of Manaus.

Meet rigorously the schedule determined in shipments and also the schedule combined to return the incursions to the fishing grounds.

Lifejacket: it has this name because in an emergency it can be the difference between you go home as a passenger or cargo. Or don’t come back. Therefore, whenever you are navigating with the motorboat he should be used. Is the norm of the capitania dos portos.

Should be avoided in the river dives (Piranha, piraíbas, etc) and if it’s in the water, always wear sneakers (stingrays).

Beware of excess baggage. Are the responsibility of the fisherman the corresponding costs.

During the raids to the fishing grounds, with the moving boat, is mandatory the use of lifeguards.

Remember: during the fishing trip, you are not alone in the boat. Please be very careful with your partner when you go throw your bait. In the event of the jam avoid pulling the bait, it can loosen and come in your direction.

The guides don’t drink: at least during your hours of work. Does not offer alcoholic beverages to the guides. Because they are forbidden to accept – is dismissal for cause immediately and he will still have to walk the plank.

NOTE: important: the weight limit for luggage in the round is 20 Kg per fisherman.

NOTE: heavy Material ² leather fish should be taken only by fishermen who are really holding this type of fishing.

BOX: If during your journey and stay with us you receive exquisite service and considerate, worthy of extra gratification, we suggest that at the end of the trip, the group as a whole add the bonuses and delivered to the Commander who split into equal parts the box between all crew members of the boat. We suggest still a value around 5% of the value of the package because it is a bonus to the entire crew (almost 20 people between piloteiros, waiters, kitchen staff, bar, command, maintenance, etc.) for a period of 7 days of service. If you want to reward your fishing guide only individually, this will automatically be deleted from the final assessment.