Tips for Catfish Fishing

For more than thirty years, catfish colonised the waters of France. He moved into our rivers and rivers, the Saône, the Rhone, Garonne, Dordogne, the Seine and the Loire. This large Predator is most appreciated by passionate fishermen because it produces a very muscular fight.

A first meeting with the catfish? Better prepare seriously! You will probably find yourself facing a powerful and corpulent opponent. Follow the pros of Integral fishing advice to introduce you to the catfish fishing and be able to track down this fish.

1 Control the behaviour of the catfish

Nothing is complicated in the catfish fishing. Risk of attracting the attention of fish just for the fisherman to show discretion because the slightest noise or movement.

The attack is precise and straightforward, requiring power. However, the departure of combat is not violent like carp or Pike for example. Once the fish is stung, to the curb by immediately establishing a report of strength against him. The idea is to not let him do what he wants!

Catfish resists very rarely, once out of the water. We must therefore force him to approach the surface to make out and shorten the fight.

2. To bring the right equipment

As a portly and powerful fish, catfish requires a resistant material to be able to be tracked down. You have to use a cane for the fishing of carp and Pike but not one of type swordfish as the swivel may drop. There is also a material specific to the catfish fishing guaranteeing regular catches of big catfish to several tens of pounds, without renouncing the pleasure of combat.

Choose a sturdy fishing reel through has a coil that is capable of storing 150 meters of nylon with a diameter of 40 to 60/100. As for the line, hooks, swivels and knots, prefer the quality and opt for solid and very resistant elements.

3. Opt for the right technique

  • Fishing the soft lure for prospecting of the edge (choose lures 15 cm or more and clear colors).
  • Leaded to worms for a static fishing touchdown (opt for Canadian to fix on a hook with floating material to big).
  • Waddling in worms for fishing boat (use a clonk wooden to enhance the effectiveness of the Assembly).