Thoughts About Winter Driving

Last winter trip, two years ago, was stopped by Anders and I a snowstorm when we were going through Lapporten and on to Abisko. We finally came through, but not until the following day. It was a magnificent adventure that is told in my blog here. Now approaching a new ski trip, this time to Lapland and the Kebnekaise massif.

journey’s tribulations

Preparations are in full swing, but as usual, it is with mixed feelings that I look forward to his departure. This has two things to do. One is that spring is going on in Skåne and the lark sang this for just over a month ago. I feel a bit awkward to then give themselves up to the snow (but I know that once we have arrived, it feels just fine). The other is the demanding train. Carting ski bag, sledding and other packing in the order of 30+ kg per person is not something that SJ’s trains and scheduling gives somewhat greater leeway. So far, none of the train crew stopped us getting everything together, but a number of times we have had to rush through the Stockholm C because the train from Skåne been delayed and we need to take us to the northern train in almost no time. There are several hundreds of meters, and up and down stairs.

We have tried to help SJ along by voluntarily make the journey from Lund to Stockholm at least an hour earlier than SJ’s booking service indicates. But seeing it is not, nor is it about trying on the phone or over the counter *). When you lose namely the travel guarantee. And we must have the guarantee you we will arrive to Nikkaluokta without paying some tickets twice. Thus, we are always willing to go marched through Stockholm C. (Now said in a tågforum considered that SJ’s booking staff have done wrong, and to be able to travel before, keeping the warranty. We have also received tips on tricks that take so you get the trip you want. will test this summer’s travels.)

*) Comment. Anders met recently and it turned out that he was able to travel guarantee the departure we wanted when he bought over the counter. But it took time for the staff to get to it.

Home Fixing Paris Pulkan

Enough about SJ. What I want to say is that this year will rush through the Centre facilitated. Our sledding “Paris”, a reliable workhorse, has recently been upgraded with wheels. I saw a few Germans with such an invention a few years ago and now it has become a reality for us.

Sledge “Paris” with the self-assembled rope and brake knots. The model of cardboard to aluminum sheet to keep the wheels can be seen at the wheels. This pulkatyp glimpse incidentally here and there in the expedition contexts, including additional material from the IMAX documentary “Everest” (about the 1996 accident ascent).

The finished al-flange bolted wheel. The weight of the wheels and screws (568 grams) in weight are paid entirely by that I bought a smaller and more adapted tarpaulin packing in the sledge.

The flange bolted with wing nuts, easy to put on and take off. There will be some load to pulkans plastic, but plastic is tough and flexible.This flexibility is due in accordance with Anders on the topics “phthalates”, which he is currently researching intensively on the Helsinki University of Technology. He pointed to the sled at my house the other night and said something like, “That leak phthalates all the time, and it gets you in you.” He has put himself completely in the service of research and to analyze carefully the amount of phthalates that comes out of him.

Eventually remains of course the final test of the wheel design, the Centre. Albert Einstein once said: “In theory, theory and practice of the same. In practice it is not so.” Therefore, I dare not trust anything until I’ve seen that it really works. In practice.

Thieves who steal time

In my thoughts before the previous winter trips (in my blog, tagged with “Winter tours”), I have returned several times to this with the time . For Anders and I’ve just always been a determining factor, something we must conserve if we are to catch the routes we planned. A day has not more than 24 hours, and of these, you need a number for sleeping, cooking, camping set, tents removal and packing chores. It does not get as many hours of skiing and movement, and it comes to finding the moments that contains the thieves who steal time. Every time we plan Winter Tour so looking for more thieves.

This time, we have sifted us out on routines in the tent. My old tent, an older Bergans Compact 3, is not very spacious. It is lower and narrower than Bergan newer versions, and definitely less than what the drawings given when I bought it. So when the tent is filled with double sleeping bags, our clothes and ourselves, it is crowded. Especially Anders is quite voluminous. (Moreover, I hope that I am at a safe distance if he would read this.) There is so little space that when one of us beds or dress if need the other lay flat and ineffective in his sleeping bag. It steals time that could be better.

Therefore, I have now purchased a new tent, completely different upsetting than the old. It became a Hilleberg Keron 3, which gives us the unbelievable luxury of ceiling height, two vertical panels, two outputs and two vestibules (although vestibules are relatively small).

Another luxury, which also means to use the time better, is that a couple of times to have the base camp. So sleep more than one night in the same place. At the planning stage of our mountain expeditions, this is something we often talk about but rarely carry out, and it has never happened to any of our ski tours. Will be interesting to make daytrips in Kebnekaise with little packaging, and I look forward to this.