This Wheel Is a Simple Way to Motorize Your Bike

GeoOrbital is a company that wants to literally reinvent the bicycle wheel. She has worked on a very interesting product: a motorized wheel that can be added to any bicycle to make it electric.

Company CEO Mike Burtov has launched a campaign on the Kickstarter collective financing site as a means of accepting pre-orders and raising a bit more capital.

The Technology

The GeoOrbital wheel can be added to almost any bike in a matter of seconds (just the front). Instead of spokes, the wheel contains a kind of triangular casing with three small wheels that lean against the inside of the rim.

As a set of gears, the smaller wheels spin the larger, propelling the bike forward, using a 500W motor and a 36V battery. The wheel is solid foam, which Burtov says solves the problem of punctured tires. Overall, everything weighs about 9 kg.

The only other part is the accelerator, which comes in the form of a small lever that attaches to the handlebar with an on/off button and lights that indicate the remaining battery power.

According to Burtov, all the parts that make up the wheel are the same as other companies use to make electric bikes. The company just found a way to adapt them to almost any bike.

The Experience

The wheel has a top speed of 32 miles per hour, and the battery, which is removable and therefore easy to carry, lasts for at least 32 miles on its own, or about 80 kilometers if you mix with a little pedaling.

The Verge reporter, Sean O’Kane, has experimented with an almost-ready production version of GeoOrbital. He stated that the installation of the wheel on his bicycle was really as simple as Burtov described it. In addition, he considered the bike easy to use, although it has mainly used it in electric mode, as employing the accelerator while pedaling takes some time to get used to.

“There were some vibrations during the ride that made me a bit uncomfortable, though.The wheel was solidly in place, so the vibrations seemed to result from aligning the smaller wheels in the rim-something we hope will be fine-tuned when the company starts its production cycle, “O’Kane wrote on The Verge website.

Apart from the vibrations, O’Kane said that riding with GeoOrbital is like riding any other bike.

Price And Launch

GeoOrbital has competition in this strange branch of wheels for electric bicycles. Evelo is already on the market with its Omni wheel, sold for more than $ 1,000. Another company called Superpedestrian has licensed a similar idea from a research group of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is also accepting pre-orders.

The GeoOrbital wheel is expected to sell for about $ 900, and is offering its product for as low as $ 500 for early supporters on the Kickstarter. These values ​​put the company ahead or at least side-by-side with the competition. For better carbon bike wheel, you can search for Bussinessjust, and it’s worthing for reading.

Burtov plans to launch its wheels in six months or less.