They Are Not Ancient, But Remember! a Retro Trend!

They are not “old” or old bikes, they are brand new. The designs are current and follow world trends. If you go to Brazil Cycle Fair, or if you go to Interbike, maybe Eurobike, you will notice that there are manufacturers betting on these bikes with strong force. This is going to sell a lot, more and more! You bet!

A large fraction of the bicycle market is destined to the occasional public or even the everyday of urban mobility. Trends are “drawn” by society in a gradual and evolutionary way. It grows every year… now it’s in a striking proportion. The ready-made fixtures are there to aggregate, but the mobility is not built just fixed. And ask how many people have adapted to the concept without gears and without free wheel. Very cool, fun, great option for delivery people and other enthusiasts, but the fix is ​​not for everyone. Even though some believe it to be the root of bikes … and really, it is! The fixed ones are not the theme of this opportunity, but I think that talking about stylish bikes requires reflection. After all, the theme is mobility … and to what side is the design and construction of mobility bikes.

They are classic, they are on the rise! All, however, can not deny that they are gaining much attention from an urban audience. Retro bikes… is there such a thing? They are there… check it out, go to the stores, evaluate for yourself. Observe the personalized designs that walk the streets and parks… you will realize that something came different, and with great force!

No wonder more than a few finishing touches and even the design of the bikes are based on designs from the 50’s or later the mobility era’s golden age. The colors, brown, black, antique blue, even the gold of the 60s and 70s, pull this fashion from the retro for bicycles.Brown saddle, an imitation of vintage leather, the brown one with an orange hue, you know? Well then… it’s all fashionable, in a cycle, that will possibly disappear and come back again. Or maybe it will not leave us… but that came to create impact on the concepts of mobility, this came.

As a bicycle critic, I have noticed this trend for a long time, but I confess that at first I did not believe it would stick. Even less that in many models could be applied aluminum as an option. The steel… would be a lot more interesting, but it’s also heavy on the more popular versions, it would not please so much when loading the bike up the stairs… would not it? Lightness, a soft twist, passionate design… high style for a stroll, come and go from work, go out with the love for coffee! Worth an invitation to a friend… style is always worth it!

It is time to rethink, to organize the house about what is right or wrong, about behaviors, about what you really like!

Thanks to Dudu Bike for the availability of the bikes, for the attention, for the opportunity.Anyone who wants to check the bikes, goes to the store and talks to Everson or Daniel, says that the Wanderer has indicated and earns a 5% discount. If rolls another little bit I do not know… but these 5% are guaranteed.