The Three Essentials of a Spinning Class

The spinning is a discipline that continues to rise in number of followers: classes are always full, and the students come to give everything. The good vibes that one breathes in the session, despite the effort and fatigue, is reason enough to try it. If fancy them to enter into a kind of spinning, Here you have my three essential elements.

One of the classics of the spinning class is the student that comes super prepared: official equipment, culotte or saddle of gel, isotonic beverage, coves, pulse of latest generation… To Cap his cycling team favorite if I even. I’m not so picky, but there is three elements that are essential in a session of spinning for me.

  • Coded heart rate monitor: does not lack that is the latest model of the market, but does have some functions. It is very interesting that the heart rate monitor that you use coded transmission: This is to prevent that there is interference with external devices (WIFI signals, bluetooth…) and with other heart rate monitors in the room.In addition, you should be able to measure heart rate in beats per minute and percentage of maximum heart rate or FCM: so we’ll always know which strip of training we are, the session will be easier to follow and more effective and efficient training.
  • Water bottle: the spinning is the kind in which more sweat in a gym, and is necessary We hydrate before, during and after the session. If we don’t moisturize us and the loss of fluids through sweat is very large, our performance on the bike can cut up to 40%.Isotonic drinks see them over to the spinning: a medium-sized water bottle is usually sufficient.
  • Towel: I repeat that in spinning sweating, and long. Use a towel, both hygiene and comfort It seems to me essential. I’m still amazed the amount of people who don’t use towel at the gym and are letting soaked walking machines: in a spinning class that multiplies per thousand. Do it for you and make it for others.

There are other elements, such as coves, which seem necessary but not essential. And others, like the gel saddle, which you can use for convenience. My three essential are these, and yours?