The Spinning and The Various Techniques of Pedaling

Who have experienced a good kind of spinning will know which not only consists of pedaling sitting. There are several pedaling in spinning techniques, are they normally alternate in a class and at the same time get another type of exercise, which is what makes for the spinning a fun and exciting sport.

The basic position It is not more than grab the handlebars and pedaling with a frequency between 90-120 revolutions per minute. This technique is most suitable to begin warming, make small breaks between series more intense or to finish. To maintain a medium-high cadence with little resistance favors the cardiovascular work.

If we adopt the position mountain sitting, the intensity is higher and we are doing one job more muscle toning. Here we can already play with stand and endure the riding position or make foot intervals and sitting.

The technique of the running It is the most dreaded by regulars of the spinning, is adopted a standing position but fixing the hip, so that only involves the legs. It is the exercise that makes your legs burn and then we need a bit of rest.

Each one will use a different nomenclature and you get more or less variants, but these are the basic techniques of pedaling in spinning. If we want more cardiovascular work we opt for medium intensity and high frequency techniques, and if what we want is to tone up or work the power, used techniques that entail less often but more intensity.

However in the classes are generally do interval work, predominantly aerobic periods but putting songs or parts of songs to a stronger pace, is what burns more calories and more game giving in adapting to a class, each at their own pace but up and down in periods.