The so Dreamed of Crossing the Serra dos Órgãos


In one day, without any pretense, enter the facebook and Mr Daniel calls me todo the famous and long-dreamed crossing hat was already planned more than 5 years for me and, for one reason or another, could never be done. Initially replied that it would not be possible, since I was already a long standing and stuff … but something told me that maybe this was a good time and then we just hitting everything. Technical part out, food from there, calls a friend here and there … we ended up closing a group, which had already made 3 times and once Avandia pedra do sino, Daniel has already crossed over 3 times, and Hugo, which had experience in mountains with snow, but had never set foot in any part of the crossing. Initial challenges overcome, we risk going on a day where there were 50% chance of having some rain along the path. We climbed the Sierra de Petropolis on day 26 and after many changes anda few minutes walk we arrived at the gate of the Park. Documentation verified, we set up camp. Was that the last night of comfort that we would have. The next day the challenges were already before you even start the trail. There was no water supply in the lobby of the Park. We had to go down to the river that runs near the gatehouse to the dishes of the night before and collect water to begin the walk. At 8 A.M. we began the hike. Little more 1:00 we arrived at the trail junction for the cave of the President, a potion where the River forms a small lagoon suspended in the rocks. Wash the face, eat a small bar and walk on the trail. More1:00:30 m +-we were on the rock in the cheese.


Bright, many lizards and a damn WaSP that stung my neck. There also we found another group who was collecting specimens of plants for botanical study.This group met several times along the way. Energy answers, put the foot on the trail … more about 20 minutes we were in the famous Hill of tree ferns, only the shadow of the excerpt. Once again we recovered our breath and set off towardsajax. More 30 minutes we were there. Fill the bottles, we chat with the Botany Group and we started the climb of isabeloca, something that consumed some timesince I have serious problems with change of atmospheric pressure. Breath and breath, i.e. muscle has … but lack of breath. Arriving at the plateau the thing changed figure. Long closed and the mist took care of the place. At this point he was already 1:00 pm. The cold beat but was seen as a slight cool breeze for hot body … something that would show, as always, a problem for me. Another half hour and I plodded through the plateau. I was starting to have headaches and could not keep up with the group that patiently waiting up ahead. Another half hour and had not arrived. The haze intensified as the wind. Another half hour and we were going up the hill toward the a莽u cruise. The fog was such that we couldn’t know where were the stones of the Castle. We were confused by some 10 minuteswhen Daniel finally spotted the tip of one of the stones. Finally the 14:30 arrived at the shelter, with a lot of fog, wind and temperature plummeting. Daniel rode the tent while I could only put the fleece, thick coat, hat, balaclava and shrink at the shelter. Was the famous mountain that barely affects me every time I go to the serra dos 贸rg茫os. The funny thing is that there’s not a mountain officially, as it has less than 3000 m would be a bad Hill. About as many (sense of time was already at times), I managed to get to the tent, I got into the sleeping bag and thereI was, sick, tired, and with the clear sense that the crossing would not be for me. Time passed, the people made Hamburger Helper … After much insistence of brothers looked outside and friaca managed to eat 1/3 of the noodles, which made all the difference. Temperature in fall, we set out for the tent … we got something around 0 to 2 degrees in the ACU in the early hours of 27 to 28. There was even a forecast of rain for the next day, I chose to come back, since it would delaythe Group and probably would cause we got rain, something not good considering the path that we would. So, 5:30 the morning arrived and went to the top of the ACU to see the sunrise. The temperature was low, but not as much as other times I’ve been there. It was a spectacular Sunrise as always. We went down to have breakfast and prepare things, when one of the employees of the Park broke the news that was discarded the possibility of rain. Right now the plans have changed. We decided that I would make the crossing. All set, backpacking, we 8:00 towards northeast to climb the Hill of marco, first point of crossing. From there you can see the ACU, the paint in the distance, Niter贸i, Rio and the Bell in the distance. We went down the Hill (d)