The Risks of Anabolic Steroids

In order to increase muscle mass, Although nature offers us opportunities, usually resorting to the use of anabolic steroids, Since its results seem miraculous because of the rapidity and effectiveness.

However, always it was learned that an abuse thereof may cause undesirable effects that vary according to the particularities of each individual, and can generate negative consequences even when its use is in normal doses.

But a recent study has confirmed earlier said after evaluating the population of more frequent consumption, such as the bodybuilders.

These individuals began using drugs in pills or injectable and after two years was observed changes in their levels of male hormones, the testicular size and the amount of sperm.

Such changes jeopardize the male fertility, as well as your cardiovascular health, that found a noticeable reduction in the levels of HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol in blood.

On the other hand, during the time of study, 7 of the 20 bodybuilders voluntarily abandoned the consumption of anabolic steroids due to emotional disorders, depression, wholesale aggressiveness y sexual and family problems caused by your intake.

Even, according to the researchers, emotional change that users of this type of drugs present can attempt against his training because of lack of motivation, apathy, rebound effect following the removal of the drug, among others.

Some of this type of drug users needed hospitalization clinical and other psychiatric treatment because of depressive symptoms manifesting.

Even after knowing these severe risks, scientists assert that the most severe consequence was the alteration of lipid profile which considerably increases the risk of heart attack or other cardiovascular accidents.

The rate of fertility, as well as the sperm count and the size of his testicles fell before the intake of steroids, another negative effect which adds to the long list already registered with this type of drug consumption.

Perhaps we need to think well before using these substances with the aim of gain muscle mass and resort, in the first instance, to natural resources such as training and food.

In addition, if under our decision we want to use anabolic steroids, you should be a professional expert on the subject who point to the doses and the product indicated for our body.