The Pleasure of Fishing

Fish awakens strong and intense emotions in children, adults and seniors. Regardless of color, race, creed and culture, human beings when it allows fishing sportsmanlike, for fun, try pleasures if adorn in your face, flushing her cheeks and fill the face of smile. These emotions appear to be linked to very primitive instincts of our species as we transcend the cultural and moral values, being expressed from East to West and from North to South of our planet. Preserve traditional activities of human culture, even those that use natural resources directly, as is the case of fishing can be valuable to the best knowledge of the relations of human beings with nature, and offer new ways to after the conservation of natural ecosystems of Brazil. Let’s see the example beautiful to observe special students of APAE of Cáceres in Mato Grosso, participating in the biggest fishing festival in continental waters of the world, that occurs in that municipality. A test was performed with the participation of all. Fishing for construction, in the more traditional model with bamboo wand and little worm on the hook. Happiness marked on the face of each, just to be there, in the Gorge of the River Paraguay fishing. A observing each other, each one very focused on your fishing. “There’s more little worm?”; “Ate My bait!”; “That was close!”. Precision strike and Rodrigo, deaf mute and almost screaming with joy with your “piauzinho” on the hook. Colleagues, all, vibrating along, a party that is hard to explain how it can happen so quickly. Contagious! Fish measured, annotated score, fish returned alive to the Paraguay River. Rodrigo back to water’s edge. A little longer, and a screaming touches on that small and lively galerinha. Here comes the Rodrigo again silent, screaming of pleasure and happiness with another “piauzinho” at hand. Just hook one more. Fish taken off the hook (no splinter), measured, scored and this time who wants to drop the fish’s own Rodrigo. He goes with a big smile on his face drop your goldfish back, alive, into the River Paraguay. Joy to skin flower when that little copy of great life out Swiming in a hurry to get rid of the hands of Rodrigo. Smile of Rodrigo’s relief of the goldfish. Children of APAE carried out more multiple captures and returned all the fishes in the water. No loss, as it seemed, not on one side or another. Go away looking back, willing to stay a little longer. Hot awesome fishing. Learning that life can be better and more beautiful. Only depends on us.