The Method Pilates: Improves Your Posture and Eliminates Stress

If your back hurts, notes that it loads you spend so many hours in front of the computer or you feel very estresad @, the Pilates can help you. The Pilates method is an anaerobic exercise to strengthens the muscles of abdomen, back and thighs, mainly. In addition, it helps to increase the flexibility and agility and reduces stress. It’s not just a physical exercise, but also mentally, suitable for all ages.

This training system was created at the beginning of the 20th century by Josep Pilates, which combined his knowledge of gymnastics, ballet and yoga. The great principle of this method is the control: each year we must control the correct position of the body, movements and breathing, making it essential to concentrate while is practiced. Here the important thing is not the amount of exercise that is done, if not the quality of the movements. And the goal is not burn calories but a perfect balance between body and mind.

The idea is to develop the internal muscles to maintain body balance and strengthen the spine, so it is very effective as a rehabilitation therapy and to prevent or relieve back pain. Practicing Pilates on a regular basis Gets a flat and strong abdomen, improves posture, the buttocks are strengthened and eliminates the tension of all the muscles in the body.

Although the original Pilates exercises were practiced in machines and form individualized, currently at many gyms are practice group and on a mat. The exercises are based on stretching and slow movement very localized and coordinated with the breath. Some of the best-known exercises are one hundred, the corkscrew and the seal, that we will discover little by little at HowStuffWorks.

Photo: Club DiR