The Manuscript

I would like to participate in the contest Trails of independence. Anyway, I also have my story to tell, but due to your great extension, I intend to summarize in a few lines.


There is a very old manuscript here in Brazil, but you’ll never read a history book.He tells about a lost city in the interior of Bahia and, perhaps, the first people who inhabited our nation long before the arrival of the Portuguese. This is the 512Document consisting of one of the files from the time of Colonial Brazil, being the base of the LARGEST Fable national archaeological and is kept in the collection of the National Library of Rio de Janeiro.
Fortunately the IGHB – Institute of history and geography of Brazil the scannedand made available to the public in your virtual library. That’s when I met him.

Since then, followed the clues unimaginable within the document, I walked places ever blessed with new explorers, followed the tracks of a Jesuit priest who for over 150 years ago, ventured beyond a naturalist named Percy Falcetw (the real Indiana Jones),
a Colonel of the British forces, Sullivan bear and, but always giving the old stories about a local secular “stone village” hidden.


7 September Eve, from again for my fate, and only my backpack 75 mountain and my telescope knows the choke and joys we spent during those days. We were surprised by rain (despite having been warned about it), being possible the shelter during
a whole day crouched over a large stone slab. I improvised a fire then and rode there my 3-day camp.


Managed to get where I wanted to, but unfortunately I could not continue the trip due to lack of basic facilities, the food’s almost sparse, vacation coming to an end.


But finally I found what I was looking for, or at least a part, being possible to admire only from afar, but with the certainty that very soon I will return and when I return, I may have a story to tell.