The History of Pilates in Cartoons

Today I bring you a very funny video that I found on the internet and that tells us the history of Joseph Pilates through a cartoon, creator of the method that bears his name. It is in English, but is easily understood.

The video, through original drawings narrates the personal and professional life of Pilates, What made you become the creator of a method followed by thousands of people around the world, and how created and selected exercises that are part of your method.

A difficult childhood

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in Germany in 1883, son of an athlete of Greek descent, and a Naturopath who relied on the power of natural medicine. Pilates grew up being a sickly child, but this was only to increase his interest in how to improve your body: want to solve your problems from asthma and rickets was what introduced him to the world of physical exercise.

Pilates is focused on the proper breath work to improve their asthma, and in the gain muscle strength to compensate for its postural imbalances. Never closed doors to different disciplines, and became so different each other as boxing (came to become a professional Boxer), sports swimming or yoga.

In addition, Pilates studied several Oriental disciplines, as tai-chi or zen, whose bases will be reflected in the techniques of the Pilates method.

England: the germ of the Pilates method

In 1942 he traveled to England, where he worked teaching methods of self-defence to the police from Scotland Yard. Because of his German nationality, Pilates was taken to a labour camp, where she worked as a nurse caring for war wounded. It was there where he was born his working method and the germ of what would be the future the study of Pilates machines.

The facilities and the conditions were not the best to develop a program of physical activity, so that Pilates had to invent its own working material. By strategically placing Springs mattresses on the beds in the hospital, Pilates created rehabilitation machines through which patients could exercise.

When none of the inmates of his block fell ill after a flu epidemic, Pilates realized the effectiveness of their method not only as rehabilitation, but as effective prevention against diseases.

United States: the lights of Broadway

After passing again by Germany and be disappointed by the political route that was taking the Nazism, Pilates immigrated to United States in search of new opportunities. During his trip he met Clara, who was to become his wife and with whom he would open his first study the method Pilates in New York.

Pilates Studio was on Broadway, very close to the main theaters of the city, which facilitated the influx of dancers and renowned choreographers such as George Balanchine and Marta Graham: the Pilates method applied to dance showed improved physical qualities are very important to its practitioners, such as flexibility and muscle strength, as well as a correct body posture.

The method used by Joseph H. Pilates, known as “Contrology”, He began to gain popularity and went slowly to the general public through two way: on the one hand the direct disciples Joseph and Clara Pilates, and secondly through the two books written by the own Pilates (“Your health” and “Return to life through Contrology the”).

The Pilates method today

Today the method created by Joseph H. Pilates has spread all over the world thanks to, among other things, to It is an exercise that is accessible for everyone, regardless of your age, gender or physical complexion.

The improvements that the practice of the method Pilates we provide in our every day, starting from the improves posture (which means less muscle pain), the correct breathing and the greater efficiency in our movements, they have been part of the success of this method of work.

I hope that liked the video, and that you have served to learn more the life of Joseph H. Pilates and the reason for your method. Do you know the history of Pilates?