The Elip – Elliptical Wheel Bike !!!

LISBOA – The company AUTOFORESE will present to the public, for the first time, the ELIP – the Elliptical Wheels Bike-at the Bike Portugal Festival, which will take place between 17 and 19 October at the CNEMA in Santarém. The objective is to promote ELIP and test the public’s sensitivity to this novelty. The ELIP will also participate in the 7th Mega Tour Lisbon / Santarém.

In addition to the vehicle on display during the show, the public will be able to see the bicycles circulating throughout the Bike Festival space and even try out this new form of pedaling.

On Sunday morning, October 19th, it will also be possible to observe the elliptical wheels on the 7th Mega-Stroke Lisbon / Santarém, which will depart from Parque Tejo, in the capital, to the city of Scalabitana.

The project, co-financed by INALENTEJO of the National Strategic Reference Framework, through the FEDER – Social Fund for Regional Development, was developed by the company AUTOFORESE with the scientific and technological support of LINE.IPT – Laboratory of Industrial and Business Innovation of the Polytechnic Institute Of Tomar.

ELIP is a bicycle with elliptical wheels but offers an experience similar to conventional bicycles, since, from the user’s point of view, the eccentricity of the movement is “corrected”. This patented technology also allows the “off and on” the stabilization of one or both wheels, making it possible to enjoy the bike in different ways. Still in the prototype stage, this is the first presentation of ELIP that is expected to arouse new sensations for the cyclist. Get to know further about the bike(rode bike) wheel components, ANDYeducation will tell you more.