The Best of The Year in Spinning and Cycling

Bicycle is fashionable, either static, spinning, or life. It is a great way to get fit and work your undercarriage and your core (you need to activate it to maintain a good posture on the bike) while upgrades your aerobic capacity. As training or as a means of displacement, the bicycle is gaining adepts every year.

At HowStuffWorks we lose us nothing in regard to two-wheeled sports, and we bring you This summary with the best of the year.

The best of the year in spinning

  • Earlier this year we announced that the world of spinning or indoor cycle is about to change for the better: we are looking forward to finally 2016 to see if the expectations of new bike Ebove become a reality. Can you become the spinning in a multi-sensory experience?
  • A very common in gyms is the practice spinning in a traditional stationary bike. Although many don’t know it, is not a good idea: in this post you will learn must you opt for a specific bike spinning When practicing this discipline.
  • Two of the most important things when it comes to practice spinning are know How to adjust our bicycle and place each element at the right height and Learn how to put our cleats, in the event that we use specific shoes (most recommended). This year I’ve given guidelines to do well.
  • A common problem of bikers and regulars to the spinning is that fall asleep hands After a long while pedaling. This year I have told us why this happens and how we can solve it in an easy and effective way.
  • Finally, how not, could not miss the stretching after a spinning class: are there specific stretches to do to improve the recovery? We tell you what and how you should perform them in this post.

The best of the year in cycling

  • The bike is perhaps the sports equipment that most lends itself to the Using gadgets, and this year we have seen many of them: from Revolights Eclipse, lights that fit your wheel and act as blinkers, until SmartHalo, a system of intelligent navigation for the city.
  • Also supplements for cyclists have had a place of honour this year in our blog: highlight Lumos, a helmet with built-in lights that allows you to gain visibility with front light, brake light and integrated turn signals.
  • If that worries you is the safety of your bike when you leave it in the street, You can opt for any of these two systems: on the one hand we have the intelligent handlebar smrtGrips, with audible alarm and Locator, and also a useful indicator of route. On the other hand you have Linka, the smart lock with alarm sound and which opens automatically when it detects that you’re near.
  • For planning your city tours by bike, from now on Google Maps will be an invaluable help with its new functions already beginning to be available in Spain. But if you find yourself in one of the world’s best cities for cycling it is possible that you already knew it.

Sure the 2016 brings many new features dedicated to bicycles, and here we will be to menteneros a day!