Swedish Cycling Team in Huskvarna

Our site: the Swiss team took gold ahead of France and Germany as the first competition at the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS were held in Huskvarna today. Sweden came in ninth place with the Swedish team, which consisted of Emil Linde, Emil Hedlund, Linn G, and Emil Lindgren.

First up was the U23: an Emil Linde who has shown great form in the spring. Emil ran a really great förstasträcka and placed the team in sixth place at the first Exchange. Andraårsjunioren Emil Hedlund took over and continued the fight against international opposition as the summer heat. Home fans did their best to encourage Swedes.

Sweden dropped something on the second lap and lay tia at switching to Linn G, which took off with strong legs and held the position until the last man, Emil Lindgren-Sweden’s most seasoned professionals right now. Emil ran up several riders, and went into the goal at a ninth place.

The glorious weather in Huskvarna did its bit to contribute to a fantastic atmosphere among the audience who had come to see some of the world’s best our site riders. Many were the spectators who found their way to the Klevaliden on the Huskvarnaberget where the EM-events are running from Thursday to Sunday.

Coach Anders Ljungberg commented on the race this way:

-Intense skiing first day of the European Championship. A pretty young Swedish team did its absolute best. All the skaters had perhaps not the best legs just today and we landed on a 9th place. Very well done by all, “says Anders Ljungberg.

The team members

Emil Linde, Gävle Approx. (U23)
Emil has shown great form in the spring, including really good results in the Bundesliga in Bad Säckingen. In 2015 he also won several SWE Cup competitions and has placed herself really well on major international XCO race.

Emil Ha, OK Hammer (HJ)
Emil number two in the relay, andraårsjunior who have demonstrated initiative in the spring in Europe.

Linn G, Borlänge CK (U23)
Linn G comes from Tarnaby, a U23: (a) which has been running very strongly in the spring with several podium finishes in races in Germany, Denmark and Norway.

Emil Lindgren, Serneke Allebike MTB Team (HE)
Emil Lindgren was born in Falun, but growing up and living in Säter. Has been a professional for over a decade and took silver in the sprint in 2014. Emil’s SM-medals, enough to fill an entire backpack.

XCR = Cross Country (Team) Relay
Four riders from each country will run in a team running a lap each of about 3.5 km (about 15 minutes). The team may include a junior, U23, a lady and a herrelit and takes place at a track relay.