Summer Sleeping Bag

If you are fond of extreme sports, camping, hiking or outdoor life, sleeping in a sleeping bag, for you you must. Depending on the ambient temperature, varying the type of sleeping bag. In the summer and mild temperatures, you will need to use one. Lightweight and breathable materials. Easily reclosable and portable shoulder bag.

The function of the sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is used to retain body heat. Unlike what may think, does not produce heat. But holds him back. The heat is produced by the human body. The padding does just that. Avoid heat dispersion.

The shape is important

It’s not a matter of aesthetics, but utilities. There are many shapes, but only one is right for you. There are three main form factors. Mummy, Mummy bag last and a blanket.

In the summer, which sleeping bag to choose?

For the summer season, I suggest you use sleeping bags cheap and simple. Rectangular in shape.Since those other forms are generally used for specific purposes. The rectangular offers more comfort to the average user. One who uses the summer sleeping bag a few days a year. This kind of bag, according to many is the most comfortable ever.
It is then up to you to decide for which opt. Depends on your needs.

Summer sleeping bag

When temperatures are mild, no need to specifically technical bags. In the summer there is need of bags that regulate the temperature until after sunset. When the heat still makes itself felt. And when night falls, the cold takes over. So you have to close the zipper and make sure heat.

Which sleeping bag to choose

The choice varies depending on usage, but also habits. If you are used to sleeping on stones, then you’ll have no trouble stuffing. Otherwise if you’re looking for all the comforts of sleep then make you hyper for you.

High end sleeping bags

Not many years, have been patented sleeping bags that follow the movement of the body. They cost a little more, but if it is an expense that you decide it’s worth it. Depends on the budget and on the use that they need to do.

When to invest a certain amount

If you decide to make frequent use of summer sleeping bag, you better buy one of good quality. It’s been proven that spend a little more, it’s worth it.

The right sleeping bag for the holiday

Otherwise, if you need to make your vacation in a campground near the sea, not worth spending a fortune. Just buy an ordinary rectangular summer sleeping bag.