Strength Training to Relieve Neck Pain

A new study showed that chronic trapezius, located behind the neck, muscle pain can relieve performing strength training weight of high intensity. Conversely, physical activity in general brings little benefit to these patients, reported Danish researchers.

This finding became a promising innovation for the large number of people who suffer chronic neck pain for various reasons, above all, to those individuals who need or tend to spend several hours sitting in front of a computer, and for this reason suffer from this medical condition.

The study looked at the effects of two supervised exercise programs: specific exercises of force with cufflinks (rowing an arm, shoulder abduction, elevation of the shoulder, subsequent flights and stopped rowing) and general training with a bicycle Ergometer. Both programs included three weekly sessions of 20 minutes for 10 weeks and gradually increased the intensity of the exercise.

The results showed a decrease in overall pain and worsening of pain, in the group that trained, a 71 and 79 per cent respectively.

The researchers conclude that it would be useful to recommend high-intensity weight training, dynamic and supervised the sore muscle, three times per week, 20 minutes to reduce the pain of Trapeze.