State Park of Three Peaks: Climbers ‘ Paradise

Created in 2002, the State of the three peaks Park is the largest park in the Stateof Rio de Janeiro. It has an area of approximately 46000 hectares, but must growas it is on the agenda a proposal for expansion. Covers the towns of Teresopolis,Nova Friburgo, Guapimirim, Silva Jardim and Cachoeiras de Macacu, being that the latter almost 2/3 of guard all your area. Its main attractions are the mountains that give you name, the three peaks, a place frequented by climbers for many years and known as Salinas by the practitioners.

The three peaks are formed by Smaller Peak, Middle Peak and peak Higher, the latter being the highest point of Serra do Mar, with 2,316 meters above sea level.Your access is only possible by climbing. The Highest Peak was first climbed in 1946, which at the time was a made a brave and audacious. The Lower and middle peaks can be reached by trail, however we recommend that you only do it with the guidance of a guide who knows the region, because in addition to being little trails made (logo, are very closed), are considered heavy level.


In Salinas climbers will also find other options like the Helmet, mountain neighbor to three peaks; the Matchbox, approximately 7 metres in height which is balanced at the top about a lot; and the cat Hill, most suitable for rock climbing. It is worth mentioning that it is not enough to know to make a climb via in Salinas, has to have good technical level and dispositions as the main walls are very long, reaching to have 700 metres from via.


The Park also offers other options, beyond the walls to climb. Those who like towalk you will find beautiful walks to do, as the ascent to dragon head Hill. The hike lasts 4 hours on average, up and down, from your base. In addition, there arerivers and minor crashes d ´ waters in several places, making it a delicious bath in hot days.


The creation of the State Park of the three peaks represented a major breakthrough in environmental preservation of Rio de Janeiro. The conservation area hasa very large concentration of both species of animals, as vegetables, which makes it a high priority for conservation. The Park alone, meant an increase of 75% inthe entire area protected by parks and reserves. Not to mention that form a continuous forest with the Serra dos Órgãos National Park and with the ecological station of paradise, in Guapimirim, and, moreover, ensures the protection of water sources that supply the nearby towns.


The Park does not have the infrastructure to receive tourists. However, the region has several guesthouses and mountain huts, which offer a pleasant stay and also offer low-cost areas to camp.
How to get to Salinas
Coming from Teresópolis, RJ 130 (TerêFri) and after passing through Bonsucesso and Vieira, at km 46 more or less, before the Farmer‘s market, turn right and follow the indication of the Pesagro River/Ibelga cards. Keep following the sign towards the Ibelga (which is the Belgium InstituteNova Friburgo). When you passby the post Pals take the left. More 4.3 km and will already be in the nearest village, where you will find the three peaks. There is possible to obtain information about the local hostels.
Coming from Nova Friburgo, get also the RJ 130 (TerêFri) and follow straight onthis road, passing through the countryside of the rabbit after the cheese dairy School Switzerland and Conquest. Little more than 1 km ahead, on the left, will bethe Farmer‘s market. At this point, a little ahead, enter left, getting off the highway, and from there on follow the same guidelines above.
Salinas with Trails & Directions
As the main activity of Three peaks is climbing, it is essential to have a good backpack to carry out the activity. The Alpina 42 is an excellent choice. Has place to put the rope and carabiners, on the back, and your compact volume, without side pockets, allows greater agility in the rock or dense forest. It is also good for use on walks, because it makes it possible to put materials such as sticks and insulation on the outside.
The Anorak Storm Shelter is a great company for a rainy day or wind, very common in the region. With waterproofing resistance to 10,000 mm water column and sealed seams, has built-in hood in collar and ventilation system that prevents condensation.
For those who are going camping, a good tip is the Super Squirrel 2/3 tent people, that has sealed seams, reinforced waterproofing, dual port, Windows protected by mosquito net fabric and fiber rods. Is well accompanied by the Micro Feather sleeping bag, which has only 1 kg and supports temperatures up to C (extreme), and thermal insulator Matratze.