Sram Hydraulic Disc Brakes

SRAM announces its electronic wireless group with hydraulic disc brakes: HydroHC. A logical evolution expected for different road cycling practices.

SRAM HydroHC Hydraulics and electronics!

With the success of the electronic group SRAM Red ETAP is a logical continuation to which we should expect to see appear this declination version hydraulic disc brakes. The American manufacturer has indeed combine wireless electronics in the transmission and hydraulic braking on: Group SRAM HydroHC.

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After having significantly improved its product with mechanical hydraulic disc brakes in 2015 (increased testing protocols, weather factors analyzed new brake lever), SRAM is now applying this technology to version HydroR RED EtAp wireless .

A group that can therefore equip all managers prepared to accommodate the disk wheels. Aesthetically photos provided already offer a pretty successful at the overall design (less ducts, more calipers skates on the forks or the shrouds).

In terms of components there is therefore specific to derail EtAp equipped with their battery life of 1000km.What changes is the presence of calipers and disc at the rim, but also journals handles integrating electronics and hydraulics.

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Technically, they are provided with the possibility of adjusting the custody of the lever with the technology Reach Adjust ™ for better control facilitating the grip according to the ergonomics of each. A setting is also available at the sensitivity with technology Contact Point Adjustment ™ . This provides a contact point adjustment for selecting the point of engagement of the brakes at the levers, a first for the hydraulic brakes on road (HRD). Side maintenance, levers incorporate Bleeding Edge ™ technology for quick and easy purges.

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And reliability?

This is actually a question that may arise given the track record of SRAM on the launch of disc brakes. In terms of reliability, two elements may suggest that the American manufacturer will be very rigorous in making the product.

First in December 2013 after a product launch of its hydraulic brakes on the Eurobike 2013 , SRAM announces the immediate withdrawal of its hydraulic market groups , following a master cylinder of the reliability problem during severe changes in temperature cold weather. Construction Protocol reviewed and more reliable since.

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Secondly, evidence of the impact on the production of this history, groups SRAM Red EtAp arrive in dribs and drabs in stores, because SRAM is harsh on the manufacturing process. And the height of his success, the group flies when it comes in stores where a certain rarity for the cyclist seeking.

It is therefore likely that this new group will not escape HydroHC quality rule.

Yes but the disc is prohibited in competition!

This significant technological change is beneficial. When the legislation will evolve the products will be ready for the multiple levels and practices in road cycling. The change takes time and patience. Similarly, there are not that cyclists who ride.

I remain convinced of the value of the disc all weather conditions, but also in terms maintenance / modern technology. It will take a little longer to arrive given the current competition decisions. He can only hope that the UCI is working to consider this technological development for the equipment of road bikes.

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Compatibility and versions

The compatibility level, the SRAM HydroHC group will be available with the group SRAM RED ETAP and compatible with SRAM RED derailleur without son ETAP, cranks, chains and cassettes SRAM 11-speed Road.

The calipers are available in post-mount version, but SRAM offers since September 2015, the possibility to opt for versions of standard brackets to mount flat . After this the giant Japanese Shimano have announced the launch of its range of calipers Flat Mount , the American manufacturer SRAM follows this trend.

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The Flat Mount allows a fixation which securing screws threads are located in the caliper. The current trend is the thread part. The Flat Mount meanwhile, requires having a rear base left with holes passing the screws from the bottom up to secure the bracket.

The marketing to the general public with SRAM RED ETAP group will be from the month of October 2016.