Squash Exercises for Beginners

The sport squash you practice in general, with two people on the squash court. You can start as a beginner with indiscriminately to hit the ball, but is wise to improve the game by using a few simple exercises. Exercises for beginners are capable of doing together, but can also be done alone. What exercises are suitable for beginners? Why is it wise to take a squash introductions? What exercises can be done only on the squash court and suitable for multiple people?

Just start with squash

Squash’s a fun, intense and very fast sport, if you do it the right way. Many people just starting out with squash, beginning in the wild way to hit the ball. Although this can be great fun, it is not the right way to play. If you take the time to go through a number of exercises and sample the squash court, you will find that the game is much more fun, more challenging and more interesting. It is appropriate that before you try the following exercises together following the introductions.Here you will learn is how d you a squash racket can keep the best fixed and the right kind technology. If you master these two cases, the game becomes a lot easier. Before you begin the following exercises, you should ensure that you are wearing the right clothes, have bought a good racket and play right squash.

Exercises you can only do as a beginner

If there is always someone you can play, you can also make yourself a large number of exercises on the squash court. Even if you have a steady partner sports, it is wise to once a week to train alone on the track. This means that you take the time to work with technology and eliminating errors in the game. The following exercises are suitable for beginners. The following exercises are suitable for beginners who train alone:
Succeed and run along the wall exercise
Go somewhere is in the backfield. Hit the ball in the front wall and try to return them. Try to hit the ball back to you in your neighborhood, so you do not have to run too much. Note that with this simple exercise in the art, the racket is set in the hand and on the speed of the ball. Replacement front and backhand down. If you get hit in the knee starts, you will try to get as many long balls to play along the wall. This technology entering races later use much.
Volley practice
if you are not skilled with the ball, you are the best in the middle of the squash court. Throw the ball up high and then turn the racket ball with a volley against the wall. Make sure that the ball comes back to the same place, without bouncing, like where you hit the ball. Successful this exercise at the beginning is not good? When the closer wall. Clear away the backhand and forehand.
A drop shot is a convenient way to play games. The adversary must in fact take a considerable distance towards the front wall, before he / she can hit the ball. A drop shot, you can practice the fine. Go around to the front line on the squash court and play ball in the wall so that your local country. Alternate with a drop shot. If the ball has come to the front wall, run towards it and you try the ball back quietly against the wall and playing for himself, while you yourself again occupy the position around the front line.

Exercises for beginners, 2 people

Many people like to play with someone else, this is also the most played form. The following simple exercises are suitable to perform together. Sure, you can think of hundreds of other exercises. The exercises below are just to get you on your way to becoming a better squash and suitable only for the true beginner. The advanced squash gets bored quickly and need to look for more challenging workout.
Emphasize the ball
Player 1 is on the left side of the track, the second player to the right. Play ball quietly to each other, through the wall, above. A player hitting only with the backhand, the second touches the ball only with the forehand. Exchange regularly page. Continue playing quietly in this exercise, there are no winners or losers. The aim is to improve the technology and their own to estimate the speed of the ball.
A service of squash must meet a number of simple rules. Take these rules before you will do just as well through this exercise together. Both stand to the left of the track. Add a piece of clothing in the service box on the right bottom, where the ball can best arrive. Serve to turn the ball over the wall, on the other servers pane. If you press the garment, you get a point. The first to five points wins the exercise. Since changing cast off. This may not be the most exciting exercise, but is crucial to the game.
Rally is held along the wall
For beginners a very difficult task, and only suitable as both of you have mastered the technique more and possibly have had a lesson with a coach. Try to maintain a rally along the side wall. Pass the ball early is not too hard and give other players time to get the ball. In this exercise, you learn to play long balls, choose the correct position on the track and not get in each other’s way.