Sports in Winter: What Are the Best to Practice?

With the arrival of winter, one of the best ways to keep warm is practicing physical exercises. Of course, with the colder climate, the tendency is to want to be quiet at home—but stand by is not a good option. After all, you’ll end up eating more than you need, make a few calories and exercising power or build new friendships, doesn’t it?

So, if you are curious and want to know what are the best options in winter sports, enjoy reading and choose the style that most suits you. Come on?

Walking and running

If you’re starting to exercise now, this is a great option. Moving at an accelerated rate—remember, it’s not a walk—it burns a lot of calories and still keeps the body warm. In addition, the walk is a great choice to be practiced in a group, with friends or with that special someone.

You’re already an expert on the road? Now, try to run. Don’t get heavy in the beginning—slow down, alternating between the walk and the race, for one minute each. You’ll see that right after a few minutes of walking, or remember the cold.

Oh, and in this case, don’t scrimp when choosing a good tennis, not to suffer with leg pain, ok? If you already have some physical problem in the legs, knees, or feet, make sure you go before a physical evaluation with a professional, to see if it is possible to practice this sport safely


Another highlight for those who want to maintain a good physical fitness and give a move over in the cold is cycling. After all, the bike provides one of the exercises that burn calories—not to mention that you can get to know new landscapes, and also to exercise in a group.

However, keep an eye on the traffic, eh? And choose appropriate places to practice that physical activity, which are not very busy or dangerous.

And, both for cycling and walking, use appropriate clothing can provide the best practice of exercise, not to mention you still protect from the cold and the heat, rain, and whatever comes. Just choose the clothing that most fits the moment.

Football and Futsal

Of course the national passion would not be out of this list. In addition to being an intense aerobic activity, be with friends by hitting a ball make a warm enough, isn’t it? In cold seasons, many prefer to play futsal, since, in this case, the block can be closed and are less likely to receive sharp gusts of wind during the winter.

However, if you really like is to see the ball rolling in the grass, the ideal is to practice on intermediate times—such as in the morning or in the evening—that will help you warm up and give you a good dose of vitamin B. Moreover, even if it is cold, the Sun is still emitting ultraviolet rays that are harmful to health between the 10:00 and the 4:00 pm.

Indoor Sports

In addition to indoor soccer, basketball and volleyball are also excellent exercise to be held in the winter. And, precisely because they practiced indoors, usually get a good take of practitioners in colder periods.

Furthermore, both sports require a lot of physical conditioning of the practitioners, because it takes a lot of drive, jumps and delivery to get the points. Not to mention, also be held together, the sport is an excellent claimed to have fun and meet friends!


Now, you may be asking yourself: “what do you mean, swimming in the winter?” Yes! Swimming is one of the most intense physical activities that exist—and it’s not the cold that is going to move away from water, since, currently, most gyms offer heated pools, precisely to the practitioners do not cease to exercise during the winter.

In fact, swimming is good for the aerobic system and for the strengthening of all muscle your body for both the upper and the lower. It requires a lot of practitioner and let the high metabolism. There is no cold to hold.

Martial Arts

Here the list is huge, and plenty of places are offering excellent conditions for you to exercise and play sports in winter, with all the necessary comfort. Not to mention the list of exercises, which is huge and you can find the one that best meets you!

Among them, there are judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu—and so many others. Each of these has your Arts specificity, so, talk with the instructor before starting training is essential to know if it’s that fight you really want and demand.

And remember that any martial art have an absurd amount of calorie burning, since they require a lot of attention, agility, quick thinking and hard!


Of course you also won’t stop going to the gym just because the weather’s cold, isn’t it? In this sense, the weight training (for be practiced indoors) is one of the exercises that are hardly affected by the cold.

So, if the temperature lowered and you don’t want to go to the gym, try to remember the feeling of well-being and relaxation provided by exercise. And no sedentary!

Warm ups and stretching

Whatever physical activity you choose, it is important not to forget to do a good heating, and also a good stretch. Let’s see why:


It is essential for your body doesn’t take a “scare”. After all, your muscles and organs cannot be simply “static” and suddenly start to be really required for a physical activity, right? Therefore, a lightweight race before any heavier activity is critical to show for your body that it needs to speed up.


The stretches are also paramount to avoid contractions and cramps derived from intense physical effort. In addition, they are responsible for accelerating the recovery of your body, decrease muscle stiffness and the chances of injury. Therefore, the stretching must be made either before or after her activity.

Well, of course, in winter, the will to stay under cover, watching a movie, it’s huge. But do not be discouraged! You can even have your moment of rest, but take one or 2 hours to practice physical exercises is essential so you don’t miss the beat and let your body pumping for the summer!

And so, like from our list? Play any of these sports in winter, or any other we don’t quote? Leave us your comment and share with us your experiences!