Spinning: The Borg Scale to Measure The Effort

One of the big problems for instructors and students in sessions of spinning It is the control the intensity of the workout. If we are to successfully continue the effort in a sort of easy way and everyone to understand we can use the Borg scale.

Imagine a class with 80 bicycles, what directions can give (or receive) to ensure that all attendees made the session correctly? The Borg scale You can help us to know what intensity it must work.

One of the first things that the instructor should do in each a session of spinning is to explain what method of measurement of the intensity use: personally, always Indian intensity which will work according to the Borg scale.

The scale of effort of Borg It’s a effort perception system divided, in principle, in 20 levels, but which was then simplified down them to 10. 0 corresponds to the bed rest, and the intensity increases up to 10, which would be a very hard effort.

Of course, desirable would be if in a spinning class worldwide were heart rate monitor, to be a model indicating the percentage of heart rate at which we are working. But we already know that this is not always possible, so it is interesting work with a method that all students can follow.

Each instructor has their own form of indicate the intensity of the exercise, but through the Borg scale, we can make it more or less universally. “We are in level 8” or “work to 80%,” accompanied by a “it cost us enough to move the pedals” tends to be comprehensible for everyone.

The problem of the Borg scale is that it is a system of personal perception of effort, and therefore subjective. This, actually, can be an advantage or a drawback: the good side is that it is “customizable”, since my level 8 will not be the same as that of my colleague. The bad side is that we can omit it the bullfighter, as if to say.

In a session of spinning, in which the directions of the instructor must be clear, concise and fast, the Borg scale can be a good coworker.

Which indications give or you give your spinning instructors?