Spinning: Pros and Cons

The Spinning o Indoor cycle It has been a spectacular spate of participants in recent years: the promise of quite fast weight loss and toning of the undercarriage has made that many people outside gyms not lost nor a single class. Like all sports, it has their pros and cons, and continues to grow in followers fast and constant.

The spinning It is a collective activity directed by a monitor that is performed on exercise bikes specially designed for this purpose following the rhythm of the music. In this class you can work, depending on the type of session that is realized, both the cardiovascular endurance and work interval or a speed training.

Why they like it so much the? spinning? Probably because it is a class in group which is very pleasant, that is sweat a lot and the feeling of work is very high. It is also fully customizable, because each regulates its resistance, and in the event of mistake is not so evident as in other classes such as aerobics or step.

Spinning bicycle

Maybe it seems obvious, but it is important to note that a spinning class cannot be performed on a normal bike. The main difference between an exercise bike to use and bike designed to make spinning is that the latter has a inertia wheel It is that, even if we stop pedalling, the inertia wheel keep moving. This is not something that happens in traditional bikes, where if you don’t ride the wheel does not move.

Why does the wheel’s inertia? Because it accumulates the kinetic energy of the pedaling and makes to make a more natural movement. Thus, when we stand on the bike knee is no us riveted to the thrust.

During the class we can modular pedaling resistance our bike for a more or less demanding exercise. Initially resistance was regulated with a system of zapata, although lately it has evolved a lot and most of the current models have magnetic resistance.

Major factors in a spinning class

In a class of spinning There are two important things: the resistance of the bike and the the pedaling Cadence. The resistance is regulated so personal: Although the instructor gives instructions, it is the responsibility of students to upload it more or less, depending on their ability to follow the class. Pedaling Cadence is marked by the music of the session, previously chosen by the monitor.

Classes of spinning they can focus to different objectives, and here is where he plays a crucial role the instructor: is necessary to monitor adequately prepare the class before, and suits both the music and the Cadence of pedaling to the objective that you want to achieve. I have seen many instructors who are limited to song after song of a disk out of the backpack, and that is not spinning.

The objectives of the spinning class should vary depending on the micro, mesocycle, and training macrociclos. This means that you should make a annual planning classes to be able to work all basic physical abilities, but assume that it is difficult to carry out in a collective class of a gym.

Our first spinning class

What do we need to do a spinning class? Comfortable clothes, eager, towel and water bottle. Input must have a good base of cardiovascular endurance because it is a demanding class, but it is something that we can gradually improve throughout classes.

If it is the first session to which we enter, we must be clear that it is very likely that we can not keep up with the class. I remember my first class: after take months to decide to enter it was an absolute failure, halfway through the session just couldn’t move. This should not discourage us, since we will improve fast enough.

It is very important that before anything, We put us correctly on the bicycle to maximize our efforts and avoid injury: adjust the height of the saddle and the handlebar correctly and the distance between them is of utmost importance for our performance, and is something that the instructor must always advise before you start a class.

But, as always, the spinning has its pros and cons, and we are going to analyze them. First of all, to say that this time I speak from my experience from both sides: I have been for a long time practitioner of spinning, and I am also entitled instructor. Keep in mind, as I have said in comments on other posts, that experience taking a class is very different from that you have when you go as a student: here we will try to see the two parties.

Benefits of spinning

  • It is a collective class in which the Group and community feeling It is verand therge, when performing the same exercise at the same rate.
  • The monitors, as a general rule, are much involved in classes: they encourage, dance, shout and spend it well. This is usually contagious, creating a very good atmosphere.
  • You can burn calories and strengthen the undercarriage: toning legs and buttocks is evident in a few weeks.
  • The music, very hot, it promotes the good atmosphere of the class.
  • The work is custom: you makes the resistance that you work depending on your ability.
  • Anyone with a acceptable cardiovascular capacity You can practice spinning: no excessive coordination is needed, but that we can continue the ride of the monitor, that will mark us the rhythm of the session.

Disadvantages of the spinning

  • A bad position on the bike You can assume a injury: the instructor must be careful attention to the placement of students before and during class.
  • Danger of injury in the knees: in a spinning class spent 45 minutes doing the same movement of pedaling nonstop over and over again, so the knees may suffer if not well distributed the weight of our body by activating the abdominals.
  • The work is custom: This can become a problem in the event that we go “ ride ” with bike.
  • The monitor must have very clear what is what you want to work at each session, within the safety standards: the instructor training is the key in spinning class. A monitor that performs dangerous movements (for example, very sudden changes in Cadence) is a lesion in power.

Personally, I love the spinning: is a kind, fun, enjoyable, and that works well. Keep in mind that It is necessary to supplement this with a work room, with an emphasis on the upper train, or other collective activities such as Body Pump and Body Combat where work throughout the body.

And you, what do think of the spinnning?