Spinning: Maintaining a Correct Posture

If there is a class which is of vital importance keep a correct posture, that is the spinning. Our position on the bike will determine our pedaling efficiency and safety of the same.

Maintain correct posture on the bike for 45 minutes is not an easy task: when exhaustion makes a dent tend to relax. We leave you some guidelines you should remember during your classes.

One of the most important tasks of the instructor of spinning is to ensure that all students have a proper posture on the bike throughout the session. For this it is necessary give instructions and remember concepts along all kind.

The first thing we have to bear in mind is that the spinning or indoor cycle tries to reflect the traditional cycling, but in a classroom. Based on this, the position that we should keep on spinning bicycle should be as close as possible to where we would bear on a traditional bike.

We assume that we have correctly adjusted the height of the saddle and the handlebar, and the distance between them. In this way we will achieve a pedaling more effective and without risk of injury.

Caring for the back spinning session

The back must keep your natural curves: a problem that we have above all the girls is that we tend to go too stretched, pulling out the back out and accentuating the lumbar curvature to place us standing on the bike. To fix this we must activate the abdominal area, which will serve as support of our body.

Sometimes we can see our dorsal area pain After a session of spinning. Usually this is because that we shrink the shoulders and hide your head between them, thus generating an unnecessary stress on back, shoulders and neck.

The posture must undergo a waist scapular stabilized (shoulders back and down, and aligned), cervical long pattern of our column, and head facing.

The work of the abdominal area during the session

Our body weight should not never go on the handlebars: This error is common among people with a poor abdominal tone. Our weight must be always partitioned in the middle of the body, so that the support on the handlebars is simply an aid.

When sitting, our hip should not oscillate on the saddle: When this happens it is usually due to several reasons. May our saddle is too high, so we must regulate it again, or can that we let’s not enough load to the Cadence that we shoot, so we will have to upload it.

An excessive rocking of our hip may also be due to a weak tone abdominal and lumbar. We must remember that, to maintain correct posture during the whole session of spinning, our abdominal area must be always activated.

Force which we print in the pedaling must be exercised by all our undercarriage, but we must not forget that this force is generated in the core or middle zone. The more activated is the abdomen, more efficient will be our pedaling.

A classic mistake: hyperextension of arms

Look also at the position of the arms. A common mistake among girls, that we tend to be you hiperlaxas, it is hyperextend elbows and wrists, locking joints and maintaining rigid arms.

The elbows must be always semiflexionados, in a position comfortable, and wrists once more should serve as little support, but never bear the full weight of our upper train. If this happens to you, you must check the distance between saddle and handlebar.

Maintain good posture during the session of spinning will save possible injury, and will make this exercise a safe environment to train our hearts and our muscles.

And you are able to maintain the correct posture during all kind?