Spinning: How to Animate a Session without Playing Us Health

Few activities limit us both in the movements to perform as the spinning. Step one: get on the bike. Step two: da pedals. End of the story. And yet, we have that encourage the sessions and make each one different from the others.

And do we do? I leave some ideas that may interest you to make it lively and fun a spinning class without falling into dangerous for our body movements.

Of course, the two steps is an exaggeration: we all know that in the spinning come into play many more factors as the pedaling, abdominal activation technique… But basically follows consisting, more slowly or faster, to give pedals.

Gone already times in which we saw daily movements as the jumping (to stand and sit in very short intervals) or other more harmful as hip locks or old push-ups on the handlebars.

The spinning What is: cardiovascular and muscular endurance training. If we want to do push-ups or work the upper train, go us much better to do it in the fitness room.

Is task of the instructor properly plan the session to achieve a concrete result, giving all the necessary information to students along the same so remain at the correct intensity range and, in addition, encourage the class.

Face the music!

How is number one of animate a session through of the music. The instructor must take into account the tastes of the class, but without losing its own identity, Since it will be one of the ways to distinguish itself from others. Include fun themes and identifiable in the session, to invite the students to participate actively, is always an incentive.

And what you think a live session? If you have someone you know who like to mix music always you can invite you to play live during a session. It is clear that you will have previously agree on the BPM you need to use at every moment, but it can be a different and enriching experience for all.

L’imagination au pouvoir

We also can “small travel” on the bike. Invite the students to imagine how is the landscape that are going through with your bike can be fun. In addition, in a fit of originality, we can Add special effects: I know that in the midst of a class said “suddenly begins to rain” and has lowered bike armed with a spray to wet those present.

Projecting images during the session also falls into this category. We can use them while we are telling where our departure with bike is running. As easy as preparing a PowerPoint presentation and project it on the main wall of the class.

Active participation of the students

Divide the class into groups so they are doing different movements can be fun. While a group sits, the other can go standing on the bike, and vice versa. This requires a very good knowledge of the session by the instructor, which should be performed symmetrically so that all perform the same job.

As you can see, There are many different ways to animate a spinning class and not involving movements of risk. Have you made some “special” session that you may keep a good memory?