Spinning and Fitness

We have already tried several introductory aspects to the world of indoor or cycle spinning both introductory and regarding their specialties title and today is the turn of one of the most important: The impact of the spinning on the physical form of its practitioners.

Obviously (as all physical activity) cycle or spinning indoor has a number of implications very positive physical level and others that should be offset to avoid injury and wear, Although we are aware that we do not say anything new, but yes to check exactly what effect has. As any activity has had a boom during its early years, given their fun, motivation and above all, the effect of very high burning calories having (are who has not seen cases of people that has lost many pounds just doing spinning classes?), although it is obvious to recognize that any sport has its side effects to short and, above all, long-term.

Benefits on the body:

noticeable improvement of the cardiovascular capacity < /li > < li > < li > is one of the < strong > greater calorie expenditure activities today </strong > in a gym, reaching one-hour sessions to 1,000 kcal. consumer < /li > < li > technological advances allow structured sessions according to our goals: work interval, resistance, speed, etc. < /li > < li > is < strong > easily adaptable to different levels physical condition < /li > </strong > < li > the benefits of collective activities in general: < strong > motivation , entertainment and socialization </strong > are also improvements to their students < / li & gt;

Contraindications and precautions to keep in mind:

< li > the constant work of flexor of the hip and isqueotibiales force us to < strong > sessions of the same stretch to prevent muscle contraction </strong > and problems back at lumbar level < /li > < li > risk course of dehydration if certain important guidelines are not followed: breathable and comfortable clothing (avoid the raincoats) , towel, properly conditioned room and drink water regularly combined with some type of sports drink < /li > < li > < strong > No is recommended to people with clear cardiovascular problems or problems knee </strong >. In addition, if you suffer as we have mentioned before, the lumbar arch, you can have problems < / li & gt;