So What Does Pilar Rubio Is Anything Less Spinning

One of the sections of the popular program El Hormiguero of Antena 3, in which Pilar rubio participates, consists of overcome some challenges that put every week, having seven days to learn how to do a particular activity. A week ago proposed you learn a “choreography while ago spinning” (textual words of the web of Antena 3 where the video figure) and then display it in the dish along with other dancers.

Not fooled: that is not spinning, or cycle-indoor (the generic name given to this activity, “spinning” as such is a registered trademark). That is a choreography in which there were a few bikes from through, who also painted too. Call it dancing with bikes, but not call spinning.

You can see the video of Pilar Rubio section at this link and then.

Spinning is not dancing on a bike: a session of spinning is perfectly planned by the instructor within a microcycle (and at the same time it is within a least and a macrocycle) in which different physical abilities on the bike, pedaling being always the protagonist of classes will work.

Course, the spinning has a rhythmic component as you pedal it following the rhythm of the music, but are the beats of the songs which help us mark the rhythm of pedalling and the songs are chosen (and amending on many occasions) based on the work that you want to perform. Is the music that is at the service of training, and not backward.

The stance when it comes to riding in a spinning or indoor cycle class is always similar to which can be carried in a road bike When is trained outdoors: we got up from the saddle at specific moments, as to generate more impulse when it comes to a rise, but at no time release is the hands on the handlebar (by evident danger of injury) to make ornaments and in no way you just pedal on one foot.

I’ve seen many videos swarming over the internet where atrocities are as I work with weights while on the bike or push-ups on the handlebars: that is not spinning or indoor cycle, it is a choreography that you’ve invented.

Dancing and spinning or indoor cycle are two disciplines that each have their time and place, and that certainly complement each other very well when performed separately. But make them together the only thing we get is exponentially increase the risk of injury and not do the job that we should be doing.

If you go to a gym looking for a kind of spinning or indoor cycle given by professionals, be clear that you are not going to find this. And if you find it, it is better to think twice before entering the class.