Sleeping Bags Bivouac

With spring here we are on the eve of the first outputs in the mountains, the first nights in tents or camp.

You need a sleeping bag because the comforter in the mountains, it’s a little bulky!
You may hesitate between a down comforter, feather, synthetic, hot or cooler, or sarcophagus straight cut! Wow, I would not have put me think!
Here are some questions to ask us some answers to give you.

Warning, this is not a Bible, it is a help to the questioning:

– Will I use it often?
* Several times a year, all the better!
* Only twice a year, but I want to enjoy my nights and bivouac without being curled up on me because of the cold, but he had hoped that something, the business repacking at dawn or my next night in the hotel.

– In what situations do I use it?
* I’m going to the hotel, so a sleeping bag is not essential, says LAWFAQS.
* I will bivouac in the mountains, but with the possibility of sleeping outdoors, head in the stars. So I prefer synthetic because it will not damage from moisture (dripping tent, or the morning dew)
* I’m sure I always sleep dry. It surprised me, but then I took a duvet (of down and feather). From feather provides the volume, and therefore the presence of air in the mass, so the thermal insulation. For cons, I have to ensure good maintenance of my sleeping bag because it is important not to wash frequently, which glue the feathers and destroys the protective membrane. As well as the down to remain in a ventilated bag (often sold with) which gives it its volume. It will not compress it into cover, it would break his feathers. Must compress the time to go on hiking, bivouac, and do not bend, but the stuff in bulk, if so, it’ll go. It is to avoid the fold in the same place that would cause wear.

What temperature will be out, what comfort my duvet should it make me?
* In the mountains, even in summer, we are not immune to cold nights, or even a few isolated frost. Either I rule this trouble sleeping I day, but it will have to walk at night, and motivate others in the group so I am more! This is not won, it’s easier if I am the coach, because I can play my influence …
* If I would therefore like to sleep at night, after I left rocked by the stars, I would take rather a sleeping bag comfort at 10 ° to 5 ° (degrees) with surcharge a silk cloth (This cloth is sold as ensuring 5 ° more. Let 3 to remain suspicious of advertising, by definition, “false “. I prefer this sleeping bag to that would provide comfort to 0, because it is less bulky in the backpack, and less heavy. to compensate, I take my silk cloth.

My sleeping bag in synthetic filling will be more resistant to collisions, less (or no) vulnerable to moisture and will not be damaged if it receives leaks from my thermos I have not closed, or oil olive flowing from my box to picnic! (or so remember the food box that I advocate )

-And what size, what section?
* I measure 1.20m, but I take a size of 2 meters, it will still me when I grew up! First, at your age there is a good chance that we no longer growing up, even we might be a bit narrow! It is therefore very important too didnt swim in the sleeping bag, and that we should not have feet touching the bottom! Too much air or too little air space between our bodies and the sleeping bag reduces the insulating power!
* Sarcophagus or right? The cut Sarcophagus thus adapts better to the theoretical shape of your body, avoiding excessive air voids in some places.
* With or without a hood! The hood can close with the cord, limiting the cold air intakes overnight. The corny always find a passage, yes! but they are much smaller than we remember us. or else, if it’s a wolf, the hood will not help! EHE!

I talked a lot, I hope it served you!
Soon, and please me to share suggestions for equipment to tackle!