Sleeping Bag Temperature

The compression facility is very nice also, you don’t need to force like crazy to get your dorm night in a tiny pocket of compression, just to get it into a large Pocket without having to force, and then compress this Pocket by emptying the air by a valve system, just by putting its weight on the bag and clutching a strap that surrounds it. For block compression just to close the valve and voila in less than a minute.

  • This simple operation is really great when you need to store the bag by great cold, because force on frozen fingers hurt terribly. By snow time, avoids also contortions while your feet outside the tent, the body inside to discuss you to tidy up this unlikely room who doesn’t know if she’s tent or igloo, and between the 2, snow, who wants to go by all means. By removing the movements of strength, you avoid getting snow, which will be beneficial for your sleep the next night.
  • The resistance to the cold: 19/20 It’s very easy to determine, it’s like the Port-Salut, it says. And Yes, like all worthy of the name, the Nordisk bag sleeping bags Announces 3 temperatures, that comfort, that limit and extreme. Nordisk being a serious and recognized brand in the sector of equipment for hiking and bivouacs, these temperatures are provided by the standard European EN13537, which guaranteed a comparison between the marks on a precise and identical criteria, and especially which guarantees reliable temperatures. The temperatures of the sleeping bags are thus determined by independent laboratories on a standard protocol.Victor-15 ° of Nordisk bag ensures you to be in comfort up to-8 degrees, start having cold beyond this temperature and up to-15 °, but a survival up to-36 °.Beyond the extreme temperature, hypothermia become very dangerous for survival. These temperatures are determined by specific criteria imposed and governed by the standard EN 13537, but beware, all people do not have the same resistance to cold, this indicator shall in no case be the only criterion to be taken into account for the purchase and use of this down.A new test under the snow (27/12/14)… and not even cold:

Decryption of 3 temperatures provided on the sleeping bag:

-The comfort temperature: Up to the comfort temperature, i.e.-(8) for this down, you can sleep lying down without feeling the sensation of cold, he allows to sleep with ease from a restful sleep. It is the temperature it takes usually take into account during an outing and purchasing.

-The temperature limits: Past the comfort temperature, the feeling of cold appears, then to curl up on itself to limit heat loss, the position of fetus is perfect in this case, it allows to remove or limit the sensations of cold up to the temperature limit indicated on the sleeping bag, or – 15 degrees here.

-Extreme temperature: If the temperature drops below the extreme temperature indicated on the bag, is – 36 degrees for the tested bag, the risk of hypothermia that can lead the dead appear. To the extreme limit must be limited loss of body heat in cowering. Temperature limited to extreme temperature, it is the feeling of cold, problems can occur well before the extreme temperature, depending on your physical condition, your resistance to cold and other factors (frostbite, hypothermia, early).

  • As it is difficult to notice a peculiarity which is normalized and that each chosen according to its needs and its resistance, my note focuses on the design of the bag.