Sleeping Bag Prices

Always Summer of Marmot
Type of bag Mummy, slim fit
Side of temperature 1 ° C to 6 ° C
Insulation Goose down + 650 with treatment Down Defender
Materials Shell nylon ripstop 30 d and 30 d nylon lining
Weight 0.82 kg (regular size)
Volume (Tablet) n.d..
(storage bag: 17.8 cm x 35.6 cm)
Price 210 $230 depending on size

Special features Two rolls weatherstripping, form trapeizoidale to toe
Comments The Always Summer bag seems more designed for summer conditions for three seasons. Compared to the Electrum (p. 35), its more fitted cut and the fact that it is all down make it lighter and more compact, despite the tissue and closing identical Flash. The amount of down used seemed us a little weak, and the zipper got stuck a few times, despite the presence of not one but two anticoincement strips, which are very broad or very rigid. This sleeping bag seems a good introduction to the down. The quality of the materials is there, but for half the price other bags down, expect to compromise.

Ratio 15 Mountain Hardwear
Type of bag Mummy, comfortable fit
Side of temperature – 4 ° C to-11 ° C
Insulation Goose down + 650 with Q. Shield treatment
Materials 30 d nylon lining and shell
Weight 1.14 kg
Volume (Tablet) n.d..
Price $260

Special features Bead weatherstripping, zipper full length YKK No. 5
Comments The Ratio 15 is a bag of fluff appearing among the heavier bags tested. The strong zipper full length, robust fabrics and a good amount of down 650 (rather than 850, for example) probably explain this fact. It is not less, cutting, tight feet and wide shoulders, enjoyed several and seemed to represent a good compromise between efficiency and comfort. The lining fabric is nice to slip, and the closing bolt, o joy, not caught. All in all, a good bag, economic (for a duvet), but who suffers a little too ‘overweight’ to be transported in touring.