Sleeping Bag FAQs

Unlike the ideas received, a snowflake is not necessarily in the place of a seam. More and more high end manufacturers make waterproof seams, which isn’t necessarily the case of manufacturers at low prices, let us be clear.

So it is quite possible that one or more feathery can go out in the middle of one of the compartments of your favorite jacket or your sleeping bag.

How to restore a snowflake in its compartment?

If the Snowflake is out in full, we can’t do much of anything. If she’s out, we can try topick up the other end from underneath, a little like would take the wire of a sweater in reverse to put it back.

And if we lose (much) of feathery?

It will be understood: a jacket or a good quality sleeping bag lose no (or very little) of feathery.

However, over the years, or with micro-frottements, or due to dust quite simply, it is possible that the outside fabric of your equipment might lose its original qualities. It is then advisable to clean his down jacket or his bag, then the re-waterproof. To find out how, everything is explained in this article: How to wash and waterproof a jacket or a sleeping bag.

And if I ripped my jacket or my sleeping bag?

In the specific case of a tear, it’s different: there is possibility to completely empty the compartment concerned of his down and its feathery, if nothing is done. The compartment then never play its role of protection against the cold.

If you have torn your down jacket, backup solution, the simplest and most effective will be to stick a small rectangle of adhesive tape self.

Note that the Sir Joseph manufacturer has designed a roll of nylon adhesive tape self, to repair down jackets and sleeping bags.

Very handy and inexpensive.

If there is a small hole, and if by chance you have of the Nail Polish with you, a Polish application can wait.

In all cases, back at home, you can start a session of sewing with thread and a needle. Otherwise, a visit to your local dealer will be most appropriate to decide the VAS to be implemented.

Montania notice

“A jacket or sleeping bag, duvet and feathery, are high-performance facilities that require caution and special care to make them permanent.”
It is true you meet of down jackets now everywhere, as well in the mountain, to the foot of the cliffs, in the town.