Sleeper Extreme Snugpak

The Sleeper Extreme is a very robust 3 seasons sleeping bag offering optimal protection against heat loss. Designed by the English brand Snugpak, is now used by many armies in the world.

The sleeping bag for hiking is impervious to splashes and moisture (HOMETHODOLOGY.COM) and has a Supersoft down to sleep comfortably on all types of support.

Its comfort temperature is-7 degrees to a temperature of-12 degrees extreme use.

The Sleeper Extreme is a powerful and versatile bag recommended formilitary and intensive use.

Sleeper Extreme is a great strength, which guarantees an excellent protection against the cold for a reduced size 3 seasons sleeping bag .

Designed by Snugpak brand, is now used by many armies in the world.
His comfort temperature is-7 degrees to an extreme temperature of use of-12 degrees.
Of form ‘Mummy’ allowing to maintain body heat at the ends, the bag is optimized to increase awareness of heat in difficult situations.

His reinforced nylon ripstop outer layer and its upholstery fiber synthetic siliconized offer a great strength in extreme conditions.

The bag has the Aqua Light Technology, making it impervious to splashes and moisture, which is ideal to sleep under the stars.

His down patented Supersoft provides comfort of sleeping for restorative nights after long days of market. Its internal fiber shrinks to perfectly match the shape of your body.

For greater versatility, the bag Sleeper Extreme has a full zip-opening system. It may be unfolded and used as cover.

Product sold with its cover of adjustable compression.
Weight: 2100 g

The dimensions of the unfolded bag: 220 x 75 cm

Size of compressed bag: 28 x 26 cm

Comfort temperature: -7 degrees.
Extreme temperature: -12 degrees
Season: Spring, summer, autumn (+ winter depending on the region)

Inner fabric: Supersoft

Outer fabric: Aqua Light (splash resistant) technology
Lining: Isofibre
Accessory included: Compression with Pocket bag

Color: Olive green

Manufacturing: Conditioning in England

The Sleeper Extreme sleeping bag is a bag to the test of time, designed to evolve in difficult conditions.

Its operating temperature is low enough and offer good versatility on all types of climates.

Mummy shape is ideal to survive to save energy while maximizing the heat decision-making.

Its impermeability provides an effective barrier against the dew in the morning if you have to sleep in the open air, which also makes a very good evacuation sleeping bag.