Simple Tips for Choosing Bike Helmet

Hello, Bikers! You know the importance of the helmet in our rides-after all, it is a safety accessory practically indispensable, because if it falls, there will be no serious problems, since the head is a sensitive place of the body. (And, since you, Bikers, must be bald-headed, safe, and well-equipped, we already have a free kick to think and have fun with the pedal.)

Well, the question is: do you know how to choose the ideal helmet ? Well, it’s not just about liking the look, but a few simple details that will make all the difference for the right choice.

The first question is to know the size, so the way is to measure the diameter of your head with a tape measure, leaving it in the center of the forehead and above the ears and eyebrows; Do not overtighten the tape, or leave it too loose.

So, after making sure the diameter of your head, let’s choose the appropriate size. (Size may vary depending on brand and type of helmet-whether it is oval or rounded.)

See Your Measurements And Choose In The Sizes Or By The Measurement Itself:

XS (X-small)=extra small/around 47cm to 50cm in diameter

S (small)=small/around 51cm to 55cm

M (medium)=medium/around 55cm to 59cm

L (large)=large/around 59cm to 63cm

XL (X-large)=extra large/63cm to 66cm

To make it easier to buy, you can choose models of helmets that can be tightened, so that you can leave more comfortable and pleasant. Another important detail is how the ventilation system works, yes, how the air will circulate by the helmet and refresh your head. For longer pedals, all comfort will make a difference.

Also make sure that the internals or the foam system are removable, so you can remove and wash, always keeping it clean and durable.

Ready! Now that we know a little more about helmets, how about taking a look at some models that  Bike Plus  offers? We separate two (2) models here:

Nexion Spiuk Helmet

Designed with 31 ventilation holes for optimal sweating and perfect indoor air circulation.This ventilation converts the Nexion into a cool helmet. Spiuk has a unique internal shape (Fit), very popular for its stability and comfort. It incorporates a new fixing system called COMPACTFIX, with millimeter adjustment, which makes it fast to fix and very safe, with anti-insect net and detachable inner cushions (great for washing), also includes removable visor.

Catlike Mixino Movistar Helmet

A helmet that broke all the rules of the design when it was introduced, and that continues to captivate cyclists from around the world. It is a lightweight helmet that increases safety due to the use of ARC (aramid cage), which provides high impact protection. With the Micro-dial system, adjusting the arms that wrap around the inside of the helmet, and two rear brackets are independently adjustable and even vertical adjustment, new side wings so that different blocks of thickness can be attached, this is a helmet that will fit In almost all head shapes and allows you to customize your comfort.

Dual flow ventilation system consists of 39 openings and is a unique Catlike design, in which the large front air intakes are connected to large outlet openings located at the rear.This causes the airflow to be constant inside the helmet, preventing overheating.

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