Serra da Bocaina National Park

Located between the State of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the serra da bocainaNational Park protects one of the richest preserved samples of Atlantic forest in the country. with about of 100000 hectares, the Park cut the municipalities of São José do Barreiro (where is located the headquarters of the Park), Cunha, Ubatuba, Sands, Angra dos Reis and Paraty, linking the mountain to the sea. The moreimportant your attraction is the Trail of gold, way passed the tropeiros in the eraof the gold cycle, with shipments that would be disposed of to Portugal via boats, in Paraty. even today you can find various excerpts shoes with blocks of stonescalled pé de moleque, remnants of this era. These tracks were later used for sugar cane and coffee in the Paraíba Valley. some of them have been extended and received pavement made by slaves, to allow the flow of production in Unicoloured Blackbirds of animal traction.

With an average annual temperature of 23 degrees, the region reaches 0ºc in the colder months (June and July), in the higher regions. Despite the cold, the best time to visit is the dry period of the year, in the winter. the highest point is the peak of “Striphat, with 2,088 m.


In addition to hiking, the Park offers other possibilities for those who enjoy outdoor activities. There are many rivers with beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear cold water. the roads located within the Park allow cycling, and bike and Jeep. IBAMA’s authorisation is required both to traverse the crossing of the track of gold,as well as for vehicles in the Park. the ideal is to contact the Park in advance.
Main Attractions
Gold Trail: the Park towards São José do barreiro (SP)/Paraty (RJ), by a former colonial path footwear by the slaves with river stones. the crossing may last for twoor three days and along the trail there are areas for wild camping. several ecotourism operators offer this script, with the possibility of hosting the local hostels.the walk starts on the dirt road, at the entrance of the Park, with string of mountains, dense forest and several waterfalls, since this route follows a watercourse and crosses the river mambucaba and the rio de la Plata. on the second day it is possible to camp on your farm tião, and find hot bath and home cooking. on the third day the parade generally occurs in wild camp, next to the waterfall of deer,one of the most beautiful in the region. in the last section, it’s all downhill from here, you will find the pavement in peanut brittle from ancient gold trail, demanding a lot of attention due to Walker‘s tilt and loose stones. usually the track ends beside the suspension bridge over the river mambucaba, for those who scheduled a driving back (which is ideal). otherwise it is necessary to walk 14 km to the village of Perequê in Mambucaba, located between angra dos reis and Paraty.
Cachoeira de Santo Ibraimi: waterfall with 80 metres high forming a large pit with cold waters, ideal for cooling off during the walks. It is located on the river Mambucaba and one kilometer from the Ordinance of the Park, being one of the most known and visited. across the first River and in ten minutes there is the entrance on the left.
Waterfall of Possessions: a beautiful waterfall with 30 meters in height, also located on the River, the track path Mambucaba of gold. is a good place to camp during the crossing through the Park. You can get a motorcycle or vehicle 4 × 4 (with permission).
Deer falls: two waterfalls that plummet from 200 meters high. a well formed by this waterfall invites visitors to a delicious bath when is the crossing of the Golden trail. She is about two days of walk (in the second or third night of who makesthe trail camping). It is also possible to arrive by motorbike or bicycle.
The COP Hat peak: highest point of serra da bocaina. This location has a beautiful view of the sea of hills, the Bay of Parati and Angra dos Reis. to get to it traverses a track with six kilometers from the Park‘s concierge.
How To Get There
To get to the National Park of serra da bocaina follow the via Dutra (BR116) until the city of Queluz. then follow towards the sand, and finally São José do barreiro, which is 213 km from Rio de Janeiro and the 263 km from São Paulo. the entrance to the Park is 28 km of dirt road from downtown São José do barreiro (SP).in the town square for trucks and jeeps that are this way. the road is very bumpyand depending on the time of year is only recommended 4 x 4 vehicles. thePark‘s phone to previous contact is (12) 31172183 or 31172188São José do Barreiro.
Bocaina with Trails & Directions
For the ones who will make the trail of gold due to the duration of this activity, the Trails Directions more equipment recommended & technicians and comfortable.
A good choice is the freighter Crampontech tech 77, especially for those who need more space. ideal for long walks, has compartment for hydration bottles andcanteen, and quick adjustment of the support structure by Quick Fit System. Another alternative is the Crampon bag 68, which has front pocket that can be detached by turning a small backpack.
Remember also that you will need a sleeping bag, thermal insulator, canteen, Anorak and suitable footwear, already duly softened and must be used by at least one month before the trip, so that suits to the contour of the feet, preventing several problems during the walk.
The sleeping bag that we suggest is the Mike Plume, which has only 1 kg. and tothe thermal insulation, a good alternative is the insulation Light, it weighs only 300 g and features an aluminized face which must be placed in contact with the body, increasing the thermal protection. thinking about security, we recommend that you carry a first aid kit, as the SOS of the Trails, ideal for storing Courses & bandages, surgical tape and bandages.
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