Scandinavian Race Uppsala

Highway: is on site during the Scandinavian Race along with head coach Glenn Magnusson and the Swedish national team. From this excellent position, we will report directly.

Our site is on location in Uppsala to follow coach Glenn Magnusson and his day six-strong squad at the venerable Skandisloppet. Starting in blue and yellow clothing is Patrik M (Nordic Eco-Vallentuna Cycling Team), Sebastian Balck (Team CykelCity), Christopher Stevenson (Borås CA), Tobias Lahiri (Team CykelCity), Philip Lindau (Jönköping CK) and Lars Andersson (Team Orebro Orebro cyclists).

Thank you!
Thanks Glenn Magnusson and the guys in the team that we had to go with and follow the race at such close quarters. Highly driven, and best of luck in Luxembourg Fleche du Sud next week. We believe in you!

KL. 16:35
Sprint pulled off with a couple of hundred meters left to finish. Philip Nielsen (Team Concordia) is according to the announcer first wins.

KL. 16.33
It is cautious skating in on straight towards the finish. Åbom drag.

KL. 16.32
Lead enters the Polacksbacken, for the last time. Stevenson’s team goes into the Hill roughly when the lead reached the crest. Today’s winner is among the five leading the way as currently stated by Åbom.

KL. 16:30
It is raining heavily and we hear via service radio that Henrik Åbom (Borås CA) are attacking again.

KL. 16.25
Wilco Kelderman (Rabobank Continental Team) attacking in the lead.

KL. 16.22
Now it rains. Patrick M has taken over the towing job is like a folding knife over the cycle in the wind. He has Stevenson and the rest on the wheel.
In the dense group attacking Henry Åbom (Borås CA).

KL. 16.20
Lucas Persson (Team CykelCity) is still in between the lead and the persecutors. About 50 seconds between the groups and now is the time button. Stevenson draws much.

KL. 16:15
Stevenson goes straight past the Group and first climbs up the Hill. Other snags gratefully on and now argues before the final I had lapped Stevenson group. Federation Captain yelling to Patrik M that he should help take all förningar so much he can eat.

KL. 16.13
Next last time at Polacksbacken. Stevenson come alone from behind and approaches the group with Patrik M at full speed.

KL. 16.10
Lucas Persson (CykelCity) leave the följargruppen to the course caught up with the new five-man front.

KL. 16.05
Five riders out of the dense group has got a small gap. In the group are, among other things, Patrik Stenberg (CykelCity), Henrik Åbom (Borås CA), Philip Nielsen (Team Concordia), Geir Not Berg (Team Sparebanken Vest-Ridley) and Wilco Kelderman (Rabobank Continental Team).

KL. 15.55 Attacks in the lead
It’s getting a little småstökigt in the dense group of which eleven riders worked together for much of the race. Cykelcity are responsible for several attacks which did not really lead to something. Located at a minute after I had lapped the trio and coach Glenn Magnusson begins to despair. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Stevenson to catch up. Two laps left.

KL. 15.50 eye contact
We go up to serva Patrik M in the lead again. Despite the rain, the wind, the cold and all mil, he sees both refreshed and happy. On the analog way yelling M to M that he can take it easy for the national team-mate Stevenson is on the way up. The trio have eye contact with the lead now.

KL. 15.35 Stevenson’s gang
Stevenson have joined by CykelCitys Johan Lindgren and Nikola Aistrup (Team Concordia) and the three collaborating to advance up to the lead. In the dense group represented CykelCity by Lucas Persson and Patrik Stenberg.

KL. 15:30 Not many left
The tricky course and the wind has really killed their victims. The flags still stand straight out and it has started to rain a little bit. The lead and the main peloton is now lätträknade.Stevenson has taken away from the main group along with two other and chasing the lead.

KL. 15.20 everyone!
We release the lead and stop the car to figure into the rest of the squad and to Magnusson’s great delight sitting them all in the first small group chasing. It’s two minutes to lead which is a lot to take in in the circumstances. Everyone’s getting tired and every lap is now moving a little slower.

KL. 15.07 it looks good
Glenn Magnusson yelling to Patrik M in tight group that it increasingly looks like the lead will be able to keep. The main peloton 2:15 behind and just ahead of Michael Larsen (Team Stenca Trading-M1).

3 pm the Destroyer
A small group has managed to tear himself away from the now-decimated main group we hear in the public service radio. Federation Captain can only hope that one of his riders among them, Without radio communication, to engage in more analog methods. That is to say, shout through the draft was car Windows.

KL. 14.48 It come loose back there
National team Christoper Stevenson and Sebastian Balck belongs to those who are starting to break away from the main peloton to attain the lead. They have about 1:30 to work to catch up.

KL. .35W Dealing in the lead
We are branches to reach the forefront of drug dealing to Patrik M. It goes fast and jerky.Speed limits apply enough not just today. …
The car crashes in cycle races? Well, more often than you might think, says Glenn Magnusson. Karavanbilarna holds the short distance to the running back should have an opportunity to follow the race.
Once after a car chase toward the lead, Patrick M its new bottle, an energy cake along with a few words on the road.

KL. 14:30 Dealing
Service radio calling on national team car that can go up and leave the bottles to Philip Lindau.
-Run as you do now, but keep your eyes on the Rabobank, instructs coach M.
Tight group is now almost 2:30 before.

KL. 13.55 The buttons in
Glenn Magnusson is happy with the squad’s prospects for the day and currently sits Patrik M in tight group and the rest in the main peloton.

“This is a course that fits Steve good, said Glenn Magnusson. He is so incredibly strong in this type of endurance races.
And probably it is fatigue … header field is becoming smaller.

KL. 13 point 27 Rabobank Continental Team
The Dutch Team Rabobank Continental calves in markup have Wilco Kelderman in the tight group, but not content with it; several of the team’s other skater cites the main group in search of the lead has now been a little over a minute to go. -Now it is hard driving, says head coach M and nods towards the field that has been one long and avsmalnat string.

13:00 The bursting
Torgei Strandberg (from Thor Hushovds law Pluss bank Cervelo) has a small lead in the third lap, mainly being chased by Nils Penton (Nordic Eco-Vallentuna Cycling). Split up the peloton faced increasingly Polacksbacken and I had lapped is a dozen cyclists in the lead.National team Lars Andersson and Patrik M sits well with the group.

-There will be no klungspurt today, “said head coach M. Not only is the course so intense, but the edge of the wind today would never allow it.
During the fourth lap you see really how the field splits up and those who fight on the string at the bottom will get an extremely tough day. 11 laps left, 13 km each.

The fourth visit of Polacksbacken and 11 riders have a lead of 40 seconds. There are, among others, John Smith (Borås CA), Niklas Åkvik (Pluss bank Cervelo) and Patrick M from the Swedish national team.

12:30 Kantvind
National team support vehicle has an event drawn lottery numbers a and sit at the front of the caravan after kommisarie and medical cars. Coach M tells us how he almost blushed when he drew the winning ticket but insist that it was not with whether bribery or other cheating to do.
During the first lap was Nils Penton (Nordic-Eco-Vallentuna Cycling) and Bersvenn Stöen (Nidaros VK) in the early breakaway, but in the first run up Polacksbacken was the peloton consolidated again.

Second lap soon ended and we can already see that it’s the edge of the wind at Dag hammarskjöldsväg that will shatter the field today.

12:00 Start
All shivering tuppkött to ben has was rubbed and lubricated by masseurs and stands ready for launch. 102e Edition of Scandinavian Race is started. Good luck guys!

KL. Nervositetspinkande 11.42
Cyclists hoses.

KL. 11.40 in the starting area
Warmer majdagar has been felt. The law makes itself clear in the parking lot in the start and finish area and in this Skandislopp 102e stands among several Swedish team Rabobank Continental Team (NL), Team Sparebanken Vest-Ridley (NOR) and Team Stenca Trading-M1 (DK) on the list of participants. Radio is prohibited, which of course will color the race. But head coach M has an eye on the situation and their guys. The tactics of the talking was already last night.

KL. 10.45 Weather
The weather could probably evolve anyway. The flags are standing almost straight out into the wind and forecast has threatened rain. But it scares not national team which has newly bought matching blue dishwashing gloves in store.

KL. 10.28 before start
An hour and a half to go before the start and at the Scandic Uppsala Nord in circles the whole existence around the bike. It is more of the teams will run today and after crowding around the buffet breakfast kånkas it now wheels, bikes, bibs and prepackaged slings to the right and left. The preparations are voluminous and head coach M acts currently as much as logistics manager-tactics. 11 am we head to the starting area.