Retro Football T Shirts

The boys love football everyone knows, what no one could imagine that the history of football could be so decisive for men’s wear. Proof of this is the fashion of retro shirts.

Retro Football T Shirts

The retro fashion brings the shirts of several football clubs, but in two colors and old ways. Anyone over thirty looks for the shirts and remembers the good old days when football was much more artistic and less commercial.

In addition to being very beautiful, the vintage sportswear give the option for men to wear the shirt of his club sometimes beyond the days of play, they can honor his team with heart of a cool shape and stay fashionable.

Older teams are the ones that have more options as a club usually does not stay with the same shirt for a long time.

Ponte Preta is the oldest club in Brazil among the most famous, and then you’ve probably figured out that the variety of shirts is huge, is not it?

The most fanatic fan may have several and always walk with a different team shirt without iterating and without seasick.

But the Rio is also one of the oldest. Between small and large changes in uniform, are almost 70 shirts and 21 models only in the 2000s.

All shirts are very beautiful, but those in colors, red, green and white, in the same proportion are the most used, even the women are very fond of using retro t-shirts of Rio de Janeiro.

Although the main color of Grêmio today combines blue with white, it was not always so. The first shirt was black and white. Blue only had the teeny symbol. Blue only came strong on the shirt in the 60s, for a team that exists since 1903, was quite right time.

The Sorority retro shirts options are also many, and are one of the most used. It is very easy to combine this blue in the visual, and is a great way to be fashionable and honor the team’s heart.

The Botafogo has not very significant variety in retro shirts with the colors always black and white and then you cannot change much. What changed the most was that sometimes white stood out more than black.

Another team also quite old in the retro shirts not stand out too much is Atletico Mineiro, and coincidentally the same reason and the same colors as the Botafogo.

The retro t-shirts can be worn with jeans, shorts and athletic shorts. The girls can wear with skirts and shorts. This type of shirt only can be used for gala events, beautiful as it is the shirt.

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