Protect Your Bike from Thefts

First of all, it’s important to know that a good bike with good components will not be safe on the street, and there might be someone interested in stealing it.

Trancas – How Much Do They Cost?

From this point, think about when it is burdensome to have the bike stolen, and from there, think about how much it would be worth to spend safely.  No need to think too much, there is an answer to this, which is common sense in who is on the subject:

Spend about 20% of the value of your bike with locks!

This was calculated on the basis of average security costs spent on other vehicles.

How Many To Use?

Another important point: do not use just one lock, use at least 2, and preferably different mechanisms.

What Types?

There are basically flexible and rigid locks, these are usually U-shaped, and there are also the mixed ones, which are a mixture of the 2 types mentioned above.

The rigid ones are the most efficient, but you can not always get a place where you can use them on wide poles, for example, they can not be trapped. In this case you really need to combine locks.

The flexible ones can be chain or steel cable, but be careful with those chains that are bought in hardware stores, they are cut easily by simple saws and pressure pliers.

How To Lock The Bike?

Basically what you should think about is:

– Do not lock the frame only, lock the front and rear wheels as well. And if your saddle (seat) has the quick release mechanism you should lock it too, or carry it with you;  – Combine locks of different types (rigid and flexible), because for each one there are different techniques and tools of rupture, the combination hinders very the action of thieves;  “Do not be ashamed to think you’re exaggerating. Probably you are not; -Buy quality locks; -Do not make adaptations, do not fool yourself with thick chains bought in locksmiths, look for a specific bike lock; -A swipe needs to be fast, so if you make it difficult for the mourner to work he will probably give up on your bike. And if the wheel of your bike is second-handed, the rate of stealing will be lower, search for tips on how to choose a used wheel.