Prologo Saddle Reviews

Prologo became one of the flagship brands seat material in a few years catching sector pillars through innovation. In this test, we offer 3 stools relatively flat for defined uses: road against the clock and triathlon! Here are our sensations after 1500kms!

Prologo Zero II Nack

This is a road unisex saddle flat. His long saddle nose allows to comfortably grow with the effort. We advance to power on rolling sections, one wedge into the seat hollow when walking uphill. It is built on a carbon frame combined with magnesium 2 rails. 220 grams announced by the manufacturer, the balance displays… 221 grams!

Being a regular stool very minimalist, I was seduced by the minimum padding. The undeniable will complement a skin superior quality of chamois for comfort. Even after several hours on wet road, we find a comfortable position without slipping.

I étrainé on high-Savoyard roads often undermined by winter and its shape is a marvel. In conclusion, a success that I recommend to road and you will find under 2 sizes for optimum adaptation to the width of the basin.

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Prologo Zero II TT CPC

232 grams on the scale to 226 announced, this saddle is fully carbon apanache Wheeler on against the clock.It is inspired by the TT Nago used by Fabian “Spartacus” Cancellara.

Wide but short saddle nose to remain stalled, it features the CPC system understand Connect Power Control (CPC)! The upper face has a rubberized drawing polylère vibration absorbing and stabilizing the cyclist’s pelvis on the front of the Zero. Tony Martin search the same stability with Emerie canvas on his saddle nose but the life of the shorts is affected.

With the old model TT Nago Evo, I always appreciate the broader picture and flat saddle nose for developing watts in a stable position. Keep in mind that the roll too long pool is a waste of energy that will be transmitted to the pedal!

By cons, it is difficult to drive several hours on this type of saddle and particularly want to spend bumps without ending up with an uncomfortable compression to the crotch. This is not a problem as the choice of Zero II will be done by cycling enthusiasts lap times and other short gentlemens.

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Prologo Zero Tri Pas Nack

This saddle is a “killer”! Weighing 218 grams on the scale, full carbon construction is a rock solid. Even very advanced rail end on your seat post, it does not suffer any deformation.

Always in the interests of longitudinal stiffness, note the oval cross section of carbon rails. This form also limits the bending of these parts when the rider drives a saddle nose.

Its saddle nose is recessed in its center. The absence of central support is a joy when traveling regularly in position “aero”, bent on extension. This avoids cuts at the crotch for both men and women resting on the sit bones. The saddle nose short but imposing helps keep stalling and therefore efficient. A recommendation for all roller triathlons therefore requires effort aero position.

It should be noted that the shape of the rear portion of the seat rails facilitates the establishment of a saddle bottle cage. The aerodynamic position can be optimal to be grasped without being annoying to climb on the bike.