Professional Cycling Calendar

MTB: How do really professional cyclists’ annual calendar out? What is the difference between cyclists today and yesteryear? And how is the mountain bike
from road riders when it comes to competitions, training and specialization? Andreas Danielsson gives you a quick overview of the pros’ everyday lives.

Road Cycling

Professional road cyclists usually have a game shows ranging from February to October. This means that the basic training period is only scant three months and in that time, cyclists also have time to rest, especially mentally. Slightly larger space for basic training without a hint of competitions is thus not in the road cyclists ‘ lives. During the competition period of almost nine months conducting riders upwards of 100 starts, sometimes even more. To achieve top performance at all times is unthinkable. Why wont the pros share their athletes in training, preparation and performance. With training means that private profit is uninteresting, here it is instead the training effect as it is essential.

Although the riders often need to fill a feature for the own team need “training riders” not engage too much mentally, at least not before the actual competition. During a preparationsfas starting riders approach the period or the races when they want to perform impeccably. Then it is important to really get an idea of where they stand, and that everything from physics to tactics and materials works as it should. Preparationsfasen is thus a cyclist’s counterpart to the performers ‘ dress rehearsal. With top performance meant the races when riders to run on top of his absolute power, in which nothing is left to chance and that saves some resources.

It should be added that not all riders have the ability to elevate itself to a level far above normal. To also make it to the desired creation requires both routine, knowledge and good self awareness. The cyclists who are capable of lifting himself best tend to be the ones you see highest placed on the classics, the major stage races or Championships. The cyclists who lack the ability to explode on given occasions tend to be those who post themselves in the middle and end of the results list for most of the season.

Many highlights Claudio Chiappucchi and Gianni Bugno as history’s last full cyclists. They could win the early vårklassiker, challenge for an overall ranking on the major stage races and to be protagonists on the World Cup. The type of cyclist does not exist today.

Very dependent on that competition is intensified by the winning cyclists primarily target in exactly the type of events to suit the personal profile best. The exception is the Lance, the type of cyclists who may not have a winning weapon. Lance not get as much attention as the large stars but their efforts are respected immensely in the pro peloton. In addition to Lance many times have a thankless task is usually their game shows also be fuller than the biggest stars who have a greater freedom to design their game shows based on what it takes to make the desired results.

Mountain Bike

Mountainbikecyklisterna has just that road cyclists a contest period from
in early February to the end of October. But unlike road cycling is a mountain bike (cross country) about 1.5 – 2 hour long races on weekends and not
any stage race. The total volume of the competition for mountain bike eliten is usually between 30-50 starter each year. This means that cross country cyklisterna will get a larger space between the races that need to be filled out with the necessary training.

Road bikers such as are talented sprinter and can win contests usually opt out of that type of competitions in which they know in advance that they have no chance. Because it does not work in mountain bike riders must instead try to change the nuances of their capacity profile for important competitions. Do you know for example that a World Cup will be extremely hilly place extra focus on Hill training time before the contest, perhaps in combination with to cut some weight. If the contest is technically difficult put it instead into a little extra technique training and full body workout.

The largest fitness trend lately in mountain biking, weight training and openness of options exercise. Previously, mountain bikers have been as frightened as road cyclists for high weight. But now starts more and more, even in road cycling, realize the importance of being genomstark. In addition, it has recently discovered that muscle cells that are not directly involved in the work to ride still have a role when it comes to taking care of lactic acid and thus improve recovery and long lasting performance.

In cross country, one cannot build a career on to specialize. A world cyclist must in the first instance to hold its own in the World Cup and Championships. And at the races shifting direction and character pretty much depending on where the race is run. Most cyclists, belonging to the world’s elite are good technically, they can climb, they can handle mud and rain, extreme heat and high altitude.

There is a distribution that allows the results differ depending on the current circumstances. But there is no space to just be good at rolling contests or extremely technically difficult contests. However, downhill, 4 x and the eliminator as alternative disciplines under the mountainbikens umbrella.

However, what has grown in recent times are stage races in mountain biking. The world’s elite usually use race as training when they put the focus on volume. At the same time, it has for the past few years has developed special long-distance and stage race riders who focus heavily on the ever-growing flerdagarstävlingarna around the world.