Points Keys to Consider When We Do Spinning

The spinning It is without doubt, one of the activities of the moment, chosen by many due to its effects on the body than us permir tone, gain strength and burn many calories. However, in addition to raise us and pedaling, to optimize the training in a spinning class, we must take into account other aspects.

In the video below are some samples key points to consider when we do spinning, for the purpose of prevent injury and optimize movement. These key aspects include body posture, the resistance, the height of the saddle and the handlebar as well, sportswear we used to ride.

Regard to the Saddle, This should be at the height of the hip and the handlebar, It should be almost the same or equal level than this one, because if the handlebars if you find very high or very low with respect to the seat, conditions our position and overload areas of the body which then suffer discomfort.

In addition, pedaling standing must adjust the resistance pedaling and bear in mind that we should not lean forward, as this can damage our knees, especially if not add strength.

The clothing that we used to make spinning is also important, as to prevent injuries and accidents, it is always convenient to use little loose clothing that could become caught while pedalling.

They are small details that rarely pay attention, but may be of great importance if we are to prevent during training and to optimize the results we get with it.