Plastic Packaging Recycling

Plastic is everywhere in our daily lives. Live without plastic statement of the impossible even if the latter to very bad press for recycling. But how to recognize type of plastic on the packaging?

There he invades our oceans (see the article “do you know the 7th continent?”), our landfills and pollutes our air when burned in incinerators.
In addition, its use in the food industry and in the kitchen would be dangerous to our health! (see the article “revisited, Arte reportage in 2010: the packaging that kills”)»).

It is a fact that we cannot do without plastic drink packaging, but it is our duty to recycle these same plastic packaging when the possibilities available to us.
In General, most plastic containers can be recycled but it is good to know what kind of plastic we have to do when we buy or recycle.
This, to track down the logo shown on the package itself or on a bottle, a bottle, a food tray, etc.

On plastic packaging, logo in a triangle with 3 arrows. This logo in a triangle (Möbius circle) indicates that the product is recyclable.
The logo is usually accompanied by a number that corresponds to a type of plastic.

  • Plastic packaging recycling symbols
  • PET or PETE – Polyethylene terephthalate
  • HDPE or PE – HD = Polyethylene high density
  • PVC = polyvinyl
  • EPA or PE – BD = Polyethylene low density
  •  PP = Polypropylene
  • PS = Polystyrene

Other types of plastic = plastics not listed

In theory, almost all plastics are recyclable. However, in practice, are actually recycled that the No. 1 and 2 (PETE and HDPE)!

The others, for reasons of cost (tri channel) costly to implement more often end up in incinerators. Basically, it is estimated that “not worth the cost” to sort and recycle.