Pilates: Would Who and Why Practice It?

Pilates It is a method that has become fashionable in you last years. The reason? Because in principle we should not speak of one, but many. And is that, although at first glance it may seem simple, and stating that as I have already said is not gold all that glitters, is a fairly complete exercise with a multitude of benefits:

First of all are very different exercises that allow exercise whole body in general, but also specific areas like the abdomen, making it suitable regardless of what you look for. In addition not only help you to maintain or return to your physical form, but that they also have other benefits because of their pattern of work:

* improve our position * improve strength, endurance and flexibility of the muscles of the spinal column * and in case of injury or recovery periods can always be a good tonic for exercises with good advice

Also has good the fact that we can practice both in Group and in House or alone, we don’t need to make a huge expenditure on computer and also relaxes us.

As you can see are all advantages, advantages that any adult can take because no matter the fitness to practice Pilates. With good advice and gradually we can all do it, from the grandfather to the twenty who wants to retrieve the line, that Yes, in each case you will need different exercises.

Image via | SXC