Pilates Towel: How to Modify Your Pilates Sessions with a Towel

If Pilates exercises are are short and you want to try something new, then Pilates towel (or what is the same thing, Pilates with towel) is your training.

Who said that the equipment was expensive? You only need a towel to change your workout. Because with the variation and progressive increase in the difficulty of the exercises, only to leave our comfort zone, we will only make progress.

Ron Fletcher, one of the Pilates Master Teachers (pilateros of first generation, who studied directly with Joseph and Clara Pilates), was the first in using the towel as a work tool, thus giving rise to the variation of Pilates towel.

We talked about earlier that one of the basic principles of working with the Pilates method is the correct body alignment: until our waist girdle and pelvic area are not aligned properly should not start an exercise.

Is normal (to some extent) that decompensation in our body suffer: just the fact of being right-handed or left-handed leads us to use one side of our body, which can lead to muscle imbalances.

One of the main benefits of Pilates work towel is that we can use the towel to properly align our waistlines scapular. Being a non-elastic element, it helps us to keep properly aligned joints in this area, working in a coordinated manner.

Then I leave a video of Pilates training towel in the Studio of Ron Fletcher in Ottawa, where you can see how to use the towel to keep the waist scapular in perfect alignment. Also pay attention to breathing, which can clearly be heard.

In addition, we can use the towel to modify the intensity of the exercises: some, like the Rocking or rocker can be easier, by acting as an extension of our arm towel. In this way, required one lesser degree of flexibility to do it correctly.

However, the towel can also serve to increase the difficulty of an exercise, as in the case of the Swan Dive or the Swan dive: take each end of the towel with one hand and see ourselves obliged to keep it in constant tension, increases the work of arms.

I have already said on other posts that the good thing about the Pilates method is that it allows a large number of variations, and makes the instructor is creative and that it respect the basic principles of the method. As you can see, with a towel we can achieve change training full.

If you are pilateros and you have not yet tried Pilates towel, recommend it: you’ll be amazed the amount of modifications of exercises that can be done, and the challenge for your body.

And you, to have tested the Pilates towel?