Pilates to Improve Scoliosis

Almost all of the people that I teach Pilates have some kind of dysfunction or pain in the back, and all agree that the doctor has recommended them to work with the Pilates method. What is what makes Pilates so effective to improve back problems?

The most numerous conditions among the population are the Scoliosis and the scoliotic, and both can improve a lot through work well done with the Pilates method.

What is scoliosis?

We must start from the basis that scoliosis is a disease, but a chronic condition that occurs when there is an deviation of the spine in all three planes of movement.

To consider a condition like scoliosis, the spine must make three features: a lateral deviation, turnover, and a gibosidad. In the case that there are onland theteral deviation we will be talking about one scoliotic.

Within the scoliosis itself there different grades of condition, According to the degree of deviation of the spine (mild, medium and severe).

Scoliosis is a condition that needs to be treated, since it is associated with other diseases more severe muscular dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy. In addition, the deviation of the spine causes muscle imbalance and affects our bone structure.

Why work with the Pilates method if I have scoliosis?

One of the most important points is that scoliosis is one chronic condition, that it evolves with the passage of time. Yes, the condition can worsen with age, but also It can improve their status through the muscle work, in this case with Pilates.

Whether we suffer scoliosis as if it’s a scoliotic, we can improve the State of our back through training. We will not make disappear the condition, but do to the aches and pains referred largely.

How does the method Pilates help people with scoliosis?

One of the principles used in the Pilates method is the postural correction: an exercise should never start until we find ourselves in the correct position, i.e., with a good body alignment.

As we have said before, scoliosis can bring hand muscle imbalances, which will make that our position is not entirely correct. By working with Pilates is applicable to the postural re-education and to work in the internal control of our body.

With Pilates We tonificamos and stretch the muscles they are surrounding our column and we learn to stabilize us: stronger muscles (both more external muscles and deep musculature), a correct body alignment and a good awareness of our body are the direct benefits that we get from the job with Pilates.

The importance of postural re-education

The key point to improve the State of scoliosis or scoliotic is the postural re-education. While these conditions may have a congenital origin, we must remember that they may also due to poor posture which evolve since we were children and reached its maximum extent in adulthood.

But rather than maintaining a proper posture during Pilates sessions, be aware that we should maintain a proper alignment at all times: sitting in front of the computer, doing spinning, lifting weights or even sleeping.

In addition to helping us correct conditions such as scoliosis and escolioticas attitudes, good posture will make us be more efficient and avoid future pain and injury.

Of course, in the event that you suffer any of these conditions, the first thing is go to the medical specialist. If you decide to practice Pilates, whether in a group class or personal training, you must inform the instructor of your condition, always so it can work with you safely and correctly.