Pilates or Pilates Floor Machines?

If you are going to start in September the practice of safe Pilates is one of the questions that you have raised the of Pilates Pilates machines or soil? What is best? What do you more work? Today we talk about the differences between them and which is suitable for every moment or each objective.

Both methods, soil and machinery, were created by Joseph Pilates. Throughout his life, Pilates used two variants to work with their students. Their first machines created by adding springs to the beds of patients of the hospital’s wounded from war of the Isle of Man, where he worked as orderly during World War I. The work on ground never missed at work with dancers at his Broadway Studio.

If you are a beginner it is a very good idea to start with Pilates machines, Since these serve to assist the movement of the body. Instead of fighting directly against gravity in the exercises, the docks of Pilates machines help us to carry out the movement and to know the bases of the Pilates in soil. Resistances of the machines can be adjusted, so that they allow us to gradually increase the intensity gradually. The machines are also a good choice for special populations and for persons with reduced mobility.

On the other hand, Pilates machines may pose a challenge for those who already dominate the Pilates in soil and they are looking for one greater challenge. Do you remember how you had the TRX can facilitate certain exercises but can also add difficulty to others? The same thing happens with Pilates machines.

The Pilates in soil is very demanding because it does not have a machine that assists us in the movement: we are ourselves by controlling our body. Although it may seem that the Repertoire of Pilates exercises in soil is limited, we can expand significantly with the use of different tools as the magic circle, the foam roller, the fitball, elastic bands, small balls of different sizes, etc..

The most interesting is always alternate the two modes in our weekly training to get the best out of each one of them.