Pilates: “One Hundred”. Warm-Up Exercise

A few days ago we talked about the Pilates method. So today we’re going to meet one of the basic exercises: “100%”.

It is the first exercise of the original table of exercises of soil created by Joseph Pilates. Is used in the warming, Since activated throughout the body, and in addition serves to Harden abdominal and stimulate blood circulation. If you’ve never practiced Pilates, this is a good exercise to start, because it helps enhance the coordination between breathing and movements, one of the key points of this method.

Let’s see how it is done. The sequence of images will help you get an idea. Above all, remember: make movements slowly, monitor your position and concentrate on breathing.

  • To start, lie on the floor, up the mat on his back. Flexing the knees over your body and holds the legs with your arms. It inspires and exhale deeply.
  • Extend legs upward, everything you can. Raises the head, always looking at the navel, non-loaded neck. And he extends his arms forward. Both arms and legs must be stressed, stretch them everything you can.
  • Keep your head and arms up, and lower legs to the vertical. He then began to raise and lower the arms vigorously, with palms facing to the ground without touching it. The movements must be quick and the route of arms must be short: is not moving arms up very high, but make continuous movements in a span of soil, approximately.
    To make you more easy: imagine that you are patting the ground or which are in the water and you want to splash someone.
    Beam 5 movements of arms in the inspiration and exhalation 5 movements. When you’re already accustomed to this exercise, you can enhance the intensity contracting the buttocks the most.
    If you make 10 inspirations and 10 exhalations, will have 100 movements give their name to this exercise. It monitors, especially, to not bow yourself back.
  • Finally, you lower your head slowly, flexed legs on your body and rests, while you relax all muscles.

Photo: Alves Pilates