Pilates Applied to Dance

In previous post we have known the various schools of Pilates, directed each to different branches, as Polestar Pilates that focuses on rehabilitation. But, do you know the application that the Pilates method has in the dance?

We know that Joseph H. Pilates began to use its method to rehabilitate sick in a hospital in England during the second world war; but we must not forget that their best students and method years broadcasters were the New York City Ballet dancers. And is that the Pilates method has become one of the basic training for many dance professionals.

From the classical baialrines to the contemporary dance, everyone can make use of the benefits of the Pilates method. Perhaps the most interesting is the global control of the body, a must that all dancer must master.

The fluidity of the movements, making the body a whole global that behaves as a single entity is another benefit offered by the Pilates. Instead of seeing short, marked movements, a trained body will be able to offer a series of fluid movements.

Often the dancers perform choreography involving one half of the body much more than the other: the method Pilates can help in these cases to work the body in its entirety, looking for a workout and a global result.

In addition, through the strengthening of the core (called the pilateros Powerhouse) significantly improve the balance, one of the essential elements for dancers of any discipline.

Preventing injuries through the strengthening of the muscles, and the concentration required to perform a choreography, internalized the movements of the different muscle chains, are more benefits that professional dancers can be obtained by working with the Pilates method.