Pilates and Yoga on a Surf Board

As in everything, in sport it must also reinvent itself. It seems that every day come new disciplines and techniques, all so we can vary our training and enjoy new experiences. Since a few years ago has been popularizing the option of uniting with other disciplines water sports, giving interesting sports box as pilates and yoga on surfboard.

Both are perfect for hiking in summer: the waves, the beach, the table of surfing and your own body. All ready for put to the test our flexibility, our stability and our body control, do you dare to try it this summer?

The only thing that we need to practice these new types of hybrid sport is a specific surf table for this purpose. Tables for practicing pilates and yoga in water tend to be somewhat wider and longer than normal to make sure that I fit perfectly for any exercise. In addition, they have greater stability to avoid drop us.

The mechanics are similar to the one of a class of yoga or pilates, just having the added difficulty that we are in the medium of water, which is not the usual, and that also generates an instability to which we are accustomed. That is why the work of the stabilizing muscles is much more important a class of yoga or pilates to the use.

Is a full body work: upper, lower and, above all, core or central area of our body. Body control, precision and fluidity of movements on the water is quite more complicated than on a mat, so it becomes a very challenging sport.

Who dares to go south and pilates while we tanning us?